This is why your business needs an SEO expert: insights from a marketing specialist in Budapest, Hungary

If you’re on this webpage, it’s probably because you’ve heard at least something about SEO before, and need a true expert to help your business benefit from this particular form of digital marketing. In Dog and Pony’s next article, we will present to you the CEO and SEO specialist behind our marketing company in Budapest: Peter Boóc!

How long have you been working as an SEO expert from Budapest?

I have been dealing with the online development of businesses (including my own digital marketing agency) since 2008. I do want to point out here that while experience does count for all SEO specialists, I find that keeping up to date with current trends is even more important. Google has always placed a strong emphasis on domain strength, but the ranking factors it uses for this have grown and changed a lot since 2008: this means that what worked in the past won’t necessarily work now.

Experience certainly helps an SEO expert in keeping up to date and adapting to these changes, but this is an industry where I am constantly on the lookout for the latest trends set by Google to provide the most up to date and effective services for my clients.

What kind of experience do you have as an SEO specialist in Hungary?

As an SEO expert in Budapest my work has covered a lot of industries within international B2C and B2B commerce. Even before starting my own digital advertising agency I wanted to lay a strong foundation to my entrepreneurial and online marketing knowledge by studying abroad at the notable Oxford Brookes University.

I have had the chance to work in the creation and management of complex strategies, creative campaigns, online business communication, promotional and pricing strategies, digital content optimization, and more.

Is SEO worth it? As a digital marketing expert, why do you think businesses in Budapest need it?

SEO is more of a long-term investment. Compared to paid advertising, it’s clear you won’t see the results immediately, which often leads to smaller businesses questioning whether SEO is worth it or not.

Still, even if it takes more time and effort to build a business’s SEO marketing, I think that even smaller companies should consider it. I also want to emphasize that search engine marketing can also reinforce your other advertising efforts, and can be combined with more short term methods like Google Ads PPC campaigns to produce even better results: you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Not to mention that investing in SEO can lead to many other benefits that companies should strive for, regardless of their size, such as attracting more relevant leads and increasing the credibility of your company. In the long run, organic results are garner more trust from consumers than paid ones, so if they see your brand among the first results of their search, online users are more likely to buy from you. Since these will be people who already have an interest in your services, as an SEO expert, I can help your company achieve more sales, and not just an increased website traffic.

What kind of SEO services does a digital marketing specialist from Hungary like yourself provide to businesses?

1. SEO consulting and marketing strategy planning

Want to start from zero? No problem. You can hire my services as an SEO consultant to review in which areas your business could improve its online presence, and request the planning of a complete search engine marketing strategy. Good SEO involves 3 main types of services: technical, on-page, and off-page optimization. Your business might need one more than the other, but the most successful strategies always implement all three.

As for the exact proportions, you can count on my advice as an SEO expert!

2. SEO link building services

A great method for offsite SEO. As an expert with many connections in Hungary, I will help you get access to quality backlinks with articles from other websites containing hyperlinks that lead to your business’s website, which is a very important factor in how Google will rank your online presence.

3. An SEO expert will always cover content marketing

Content covers a huge portion of SEO: creative copywriting is still one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. It requires a lot of time and effort, but you can count on me during the whole process: keyword researches with industry-leading tools, content maps and plans, and of course, the writing of the optimized content itself.

4. Inbound marketing services from an experienced SEO specialist in Hungary

21st century digital marketing is about attracting consumers to you and not about doing mass push advertising. With the right technical and on-page SEO, I will help you optimize the structure of your website so you may attract more relevant leads and increase the number of your conversions.

5. Even PR can be linked to the work of an SEO expert in Budapest

Believe it or not, even public relations can be linked with SEO. If you need quality PR article writing, with the right timing and placement, you can count on my experience as an SEO specialist!

As you can see, an experienced and passionate marketing specialist can drive your business forward in many different ways, using many different tools. Drop us a line if you want to get in contact with a trusted SEO expert in Budapest!


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