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Lead Generation is a required element of the sales strategy of every online business. The benefits of this process are quite clear: generating more valuable leads according to the characteristics of your business will result in a growth of your sales. 

Our online marketing agency is ready to develop your current lead management in order to improve lead flow and lead quality, by integrating professional lead generation in Budapest!

Lead generation Budapest Hungary

Why is lead generation so important for your business?

Lead generation management has become a key process for every business with a digital platform. Because of how marketing has evolved in the 21st century, you could consider it as a basic requirement: the buying process of customers has changed, and they need to be reached in different ways through all the “noise” of other available options.

People are no longer so easily attracted by glittering, showy ads, and aggressive sales pitches aren’t as effective as they used to be. Instead, having actual quality content is key in engaging with both new and existing customers.

With professional lead generation management, Dog and Pony will make sure that instead of you trying to find new customers, new customers will be the one to find you!

In other words, without lead generation, you’re clearly missing out on the basics of modern online marketing. Not to worry: our company will make sure you get the most out of your quality leads in Hungary.


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Why lead generation is needed – improving your business in so many ways!

Curious as to how our company can improve your business with lead management in Hungary? These are the advantages you can expect to have from our work together:

1. Your brand awareness will increase

First of all, lead generation is an excellent way to educate potential customers in your target audience. They’ll learn more about the details of your products, services, and the advantages of using those. This creates an ideal opportunity for “word of mouth”: people will be advertising your business for you!

Also, with by nurturing your leads, we’ll help you start building relationships with your potential customers, by using the right content at the right stage of the sales funnel.

This is a very effective marketing strategy, as you will be able to build up the credibility of your brand: your target audience will trust you more as the expert in your field!

Lead generation agency Hungary

2. You can target the customers you want!

With Dog and Pony’s lead management, you will be able to target the customers you want (age, location, etc.), and learn more about their needs and preferences. This way, you can adapt the value of your products or services to meet their interests!

Still, lead generation isn’t only about quantity: it’s about quality. With our company, we’ll make sure that you get relevant leads by targeting your true potential customers. Higher quality means a higher conversion rate!

3. It’s cheaper than most advertisements

Yes! A huge benefit to lead generation is that you can achieve better results in Hungary with cost-effective marketing. If you’re looking for an advertising solution that won’t cost you too much and still be effective, then our lead management company can provide you exactly that!

4. And of course: more profits

Who wouldn’t want a way to raise their profits? More quality leads will increase the conversion from leads to paying customers, and of course, this increase in sales also increases the income of your business.

If your main goal is to boost your sales, just say the word, and we’ll get started on your lead management in Hungary right away!

Our lead generation process and services – how we’ll get you more leads!

1. Analyzing your business

First, Dog and Pony’s specialists will analyze your business and your current lead management system, then we will go through the whole customer journey, so that we can identify all the issues that may arise. 

Revising your company’s overall online marketing activity includes the creation of a detailed audit for each online campaign and its measurement techniques by our marketing specialists.

2. Making sure you get the right tools

After we have identified the issues of your lead generation process, we will provide effective solutions which result in a higher quantity and quality of the leads that drive your sales. In many cases, companies don’t use the right tools to reach their goals. Unfortunately, this lack of proper resource allocation results in a lower ROI, because they spend money on irrelevant leads at a higher price. 

We will also integrate the most suitable advertising and measuring tools which can effectively improve the lead flow of your company.

Lead generation agency Budapest

3. Revising your customers’ journey

Revising the whole customer journey is especially important because an unclear web structure or a bad website design could also reduce the quality of your leads. We will optimize the whole customer journey according to your visitors’ behavior in order to increase your website’s lead generation in Hungary.

4. Creating your own lead management system!

Finally, based on the raised issues we will build up a detailed lead management system, which contains relevant tools and solutions on every stage of the sales funnel.

You’ve read how Dog and Pony can generate valuable leads for your company and increase your revenues. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started as soon as possible!


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A good lead generation agency will not only focus on increasing the quantity of your leads. They will also pay special attention to the quality of those leads, and make sure you attract people that have the highest potential of becoming your customers. Digital marketing agencies rely on being experienced and up to date with all the latest trends and use a variety of tools to help you get more clients online. Without outside help, this would be a near-impossible task, that would not only take more time, but more money as well.


Since lead generation requires a variety of digital marketing activities to work, it is no wonder why so many businesses choose the services of lead generation companies. An online marketing agency that focuses on lead generation will help you analyze the current state of your business and identify the areas you will need to improve in order to facilitate the process of leads becoming customers. This can be anything from the reworking of your website to creating a new full-scale lead management system.


Because it is a particularly effective way to generate more sales and organic customers, and it works for all kinds of businesses, whether you focus on B2C or B2B areas. If you are looking to grow your business, attracting more leads is an essential process you can hardly afford to ignore. It is also a great way to keep ahead of your competitors by pulling in your potential customers with quality content.


Lead generation is a method employed in online marketing that serves to capture and stimulate the interest of potential customers until they are ready to pay for the products and services of your company. This is typically done through a “sales pipeline” or “sales funnel” where leads are separated into different levels of interest and targeted with different marketing tactics to convert them into repeat customers.

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