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Ambient media agency and event marketing in Hungary

If you’re looking for an marketing agency that can help your business reach new heights with special promotional methods, then you have just found it.

Our marketing company in Hungary can support you with a huge choice of ambient media, digital out of home advertising, billboard campaigns, and even event based marketing.

Get in touch with our OOH media agency, and we’ll help your business make the most out of the outdoor advertising opportunities in Budapest!

1. Discover the potential of outdoor advertising in Budapest with our OOH agency

Even with the unquestionable might of digital marketing, outdoor advertising is still very relevant to this day. If you choose to work with our OOH agency, we’ll certainly prove it to you.

The benefits of outdoor promotion are clear especially because of the difficulties anyone has to face with online marketing: there is a lot of “digital noise” (an excess of options available to consumers), and because of this, it is much more complicated to convince your target audience to buy from you, or even pay attention to you by pushing them with online ads.

On the other hand, if you choose to make use of the services of our out of home advertising company in Budapest, you will have access to a constant ad space for a set amount of time, that can potentially reach huge and diversified audience, and is much more likely to draw the attention of people.

With methods like transit or retail advertising, you’ll be able to reach an audience that either has to wait and won’t mind taking at least a quick look at your ad, or will be much more in the mood to look for promotional options!

At Dog and Pony, we love making outdoor advertising work in the favor of your business: if you’re looking to make use of the most creative marketing opportunities in Budapest, we are more than ready to show you just how big of an impact ambient media can have.

Get in contact with our agency in Hungary and let’s get to work!

2. Entrust us with your billboard marketing campaign in Hungary

If you literally want to “go big”, we can provide you with one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising: billboards.

Nothing comes quite as close when it comes to sheer visual power and impact. With their gigantic site, and practically limitless potential for the creative execution of your ad, there is no chance it will go unnoticed. Especially if you let Dog and Pony handle your billboard campaign in Hungary for you.

Billboard ad campaign services Budapest

They are also much easier to take in than the majority of digital ads, and since they require so little effort from the audience’s part (and cannot be “skipped” anyway), people are much more likely to actually look at your outdoor promotion.

Still, it is important to note that billboards don’t just serve as giant “eye-candy” to support the appeal of your business. They are also much easier to memorize, which means that the ads we’ll be doing for you can do wonders for your brand retention among the ranks of your target audience. At the end of the day, people are simply more likely to remember that one giant billboard they saw while going home from work.

Whether you already have a core idea or not, Dog and Pony can handle the planning and execution of your billboards’ creative design, and choose the most suitable spots in Hungary to maximize the amount of onlookers!

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3. Looking for an event organizer company in Budapest?

Event based marketing is something that can clearly have huge benefits for your company, but as there are so many different factors to pay attention to, without the right management, everything can fall apart quickly. Dog and Pony is here to help you avoid that.

Few marketing activities can have as grand of an effect on the exposure and credibility as well organized event. Our organizer company has already had its share of experience in Budapest, so if you’re looking to expand your business in Hungary, we can support you all the way.

Dog and Pony will take care of the complete process and pay attention to even the smallest of details to ensure that when your big day comes, everything falls into place smoothly. From finding the most suitable venue to the report we’ll send you after the work is done, you can count on our event organizer company all the way!

Event marketing services Hungary

Our event-based marketing services include:

 • Finding the most suitable venue for your business
• Awesome marketing campaigns to create some “buzz” for your event
• Coordinating distributor activity and logistics
• Providing on-site specialists and hosts/hostesses
• Sending you a clear report in the days following the event

These are the services you can expect from our outdoor marketing agency. Dog and Pony will pay attention to even the smallest of details to bring the best out of your promotions and event marketing: contact us today, and let’s get ready for your company’s next big move!

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Typical questions related to our services


It’s no surprise that many businesses turn to an event management company: organizing an ambitious company event can be a huge challenge and may even seem impossible to those with no experience in event management company. With the help of the right marketing agency, the whole process becomes much less stressful, as they will pay attention to every single little detail to make sure your goals (customer satisfaction, branding, sales etc) are met with success.


Even in the digital age, the services of OOH agencies are still in high demand. There are many reasons why OOH advertising is still relevant to this day, one of them being “digital saturation”. As people are accustomed to seeing a lot of online ads, many of them have become dull to their impact. A huge billboard or a creative ad at a bus stop however cannot be avoided, and is certain to reach a wide array of people while they are going about their day-to-day business.


An event management company is usually an advertising agency that focuses on event marketing. The purpose of this form of marketing is to provide your company with an effective strategy to promote your products or brand image. The services of event organizer companies cover all elements that are required to make a company event is successful, including the promotion of the event to the target audience of your business, supervising the event, and reporting on the impact of the event.


An OOH agency is a marketing company that focuses on out-of-home advertising. The most common methods of outdoor advertising include billboards, benches, buses, transit advertising, as well as retail and point of sale advertising. An OOH agency is responsible for the conception and implementation of the design of your outdoor ad and can also help you negotiate for fair prices for the spots that will your ad more exposure.

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