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As an ambient agency and a digital out-of-home advertising company, Dog and Pony is more than equipped to provide you with solutions that are both effective and creative: let us show you that OOH advertising still has a part to play in the success of your business!

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Why OOH advertising still works for your business – working with an agency in Budapest

Out-of-home advertising (OOH for short) is basically any kind of visual advertising that you can find outside of your home, the most common examples being billboards and signs. It is one of the oldest and most enduring form of advertising. Despite its age and the obvious conquest of online marketing, out-of-home advertising companies are still very much in business in Budapest and every other major city in the world.

So why is OOH advertising still relevant, and how does it help your business to be working with our agency?

1. Achieve a higher impact – no online “noise” here!

The main difficulty with modern advertising is that faces enormous competition from every other ad appearing on a multitude of platforms. However, that is not the case with out-of-home advertising: it has a lot more visibility, isn’t overshadowed by other ads, and clearly stands out from its environment.

If you’re looking to make a huge impact among the members of your target audience, our ambient agency in Hungary is more than ready to provide you with an excellent way to achieve that goal!

OOH agency Budapest

2. Encourage interactivity – engage with your audience!

Looking for creative marketing solutions that takes your target audience’s breath away? OOH advertising is an area where creativity can particularly shine (which is also why our agency likes it so much).  Especially when combined with the strengths of digital advertising, you get the best of both worlds.

Higher consumer engagement can do wonders for your brand: it allows you to build trust, loyalty, and enforce strong positive perceptions about your business.

Our digital out-of-home advertising company is more than ready to pour its creativity in solutions that will captivate your audience!

3. Sustained awareness – they won’t be able to skip this!

People won’t be “skipping” your ads when they’re out in the open or stuck in traffic. No matter how developed online marketing becomes, people still use public transport every day, and still have to wait at subway platforms or bus stops.

We’ll also help you target the best places where people go about their business, so we can ensure that the out-of-home advertising you get from Dog and Pony reaches the maximum amount of onlookers.

By working with our OOH agency in Budapest, you can be sure that we’ll create something that your target audience won’t forget anytime soon!


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The services of our OOH agency in Budapest – what Dog and Pony can create for you

Our ambient agency in Hungary can offer you a wide variety of effective OOH services. Here are some of the most popular methods we can employ to grab the attention of your target audience:

1. Billboard advertising – the great classic

It’s no surprise that billboards are among the first things that pop into the mind of most people when mentioning OOH advertising. It’s one of the most ancient forms marketing, but our agency will show that is still relevant today: thanks to its great flexibility of use, billboard advertising can be used in seemingly limitless ways, and combines perfectly with your other marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for a bold appearance with a simple, but strong message, we’ve got you covered!

2. Transit advertising – get them while they wait!

The reason why this from of OOH advertising is so popular couldn’t be simpler: a lot of people use public transportation during their daily routine. Not only can you reach a huge amount of onlookers, you can grab their attention while they are vulnerable to your content and have basically nothing else to do apart from waiting!

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3. Retail advertising – reaching shoppers where they shop

You could certainly argue that there is almost no better place to advertise services or products than a huge mall. One of the biggest reasons why customers skip ads is because they are in the middle of doing something else, and just aren’t in the right mindset to think about purchases.

Well, that won’t be the case with retail advertising! Shoppers are by definition “in the right mood” to shop. Our ambient agency in Hungary will help you take advantage of that!

4. Point of sale advertising – a more specific OOH method

This one is a little different compared to the others. Most forms of out-of-home advertising try to reach the widest crowds, but with this one, we’ll be targeting people who are just about to make their purchase. Just like with retail advertising, we can take advantage of the fact that people are more likely to be receptive to your promotions, and add one more item to their basket.

We will make sure that your business’s point of sale advertising is hard to resist!

Get in touch with our OOH agency in Budapest, and we’ll make sure your brand gets the attention it needs! Dog and Pony is ready to get to work: how about you?


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Typical questions related to our services


An outdoor advertising (OOH) agency is usually a marketing company responsible for the complete process behind outdoor promotions. They employ advertising experts and creative graphic designers to assist with the planning and implementation of your outdoor campaign. Agencies like this an ideal opportunity for businesses wishing to do impactful local advertising, since they are great at finding and negotiating for the spots that will bring more exposure for your ad.


Even in the age of targeted digital ads outdoor advertising can bring many benefits to the table. This includes the consistent, “unskippable” mass exposure of your ad to a wide audience made up from all kinds of people. A creative bench, transit ad, or a huge billboard also has an immediate impact compared to online push advertising, which most people have already become insensitive to. They can even encourage impulse buying, but most importantly, a creative outdoor ad will do wonders for your brand recall.


The different types of outdoor advertising usually include (but are not limited to) the following examples:
• billboard ads
• transit advertising
• retail advertising
• point of sale advertising
• benches
• bus shelters
• lamp posts
• bridges


OOH stands for “out of home advertising”. Any type of advertising that can be found outside of a customer’s home falls under this category of marketing. It is one of the oldest and most enduring form of advertising, and still plays a role in the marketing activities of companies despite the abundance of digital ads. If done right, it has the potential to make a huge impact through sheer exposure and creativity.

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