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We’ll show you why content
is king in the digital world!

Content marketing agency in Budapest

At Dog and Pony, we know that content marketing is a key element of the modern online marketing and sales campaigns. Creating well-targeted, relevant content that your potential buyers are looking for contributes to the traffic of your webpage, which in turn enhances the performance of your business.

As a full-service content marketing agency in Budapest we provide content planning, content creation, distribution and measurement! 

This is why your business needs digital content marketing

So what are the benefits of working with our agency in Hungary? Quality content has become a core necessity for all modern businesses, and the best campaigns will always have optimized content marketing at their heart.

Here are some of the many benefits you can expect from choosing Dog and Pony:

 1. Building trust with your target audience

The more quality content you have, the clearer it will become to your audience that you are an expert in your field. This will make them trust your opinion more, and of course, your products and services.

This increased trust is a perfect way of building relationships with your customers: by providing valuable and engaging content to them, they will be much more inclined to recognize and stay loyal to your brand. Not to mention that the increased traffic to your website will also help in building your brand awareness, so you can start gaining the trust of new visitors as well!

At Dog and Pony, we’ll make sure your customers see you as the true authority on the market!

2. Increasing your organic search results

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role in helping your business remain successful in the long-term, and is closely linked with quality content marketing.

One of the greatest benefits of SEO is making it easier for people to find your content: whether they are still looking for information to help them decide on what brand to choose, or are already ready to part with their hard-earned money, it’s no surprise SEO plays such a dominant role in modern digital content marketing.

Our online marketing agency will make sure that your content is optimized, up to date, informative, and relevant to the search terms that your target audience uses!

3. Attracting leads = attracting customers!

The goal that every single business is looking for. Good news: with quality content marketing, our agency can help you reach it!

Leads are a must if you intend to sell anything. The content Dog and Pony will create for you will enable strangers to get more information about your business even before the competition is in the picture, making it much easier to turn them into customers.

What’s more, we’ll make sure you attract your “ideal customers”: people who are already interested in searching for what your business provides, and therefore ready to make purchases.

Our digital content marketing agency in Hungary is ready to get you more quality leads and convert them into customers!

 4. Staying one step ahead of your competitors

Standing out from your competitors is crucial in this day and age, since customers have a seemingly limitless options to choose from when surfing the web. Thankfully, digital content marketing is an ideal way to do just that.

By providing your target audience with the answers they are seeking, they will be much more inclined to choose your brand over other options. Not to mention that content marketing is key in developing your brand personality, which is a great way of asserting not only how you are different, but how you are better than others.

Our contact marketing agency in Budapest will make sure that you clearly stand out from your competition!


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SEO content marketing services from our agency

1. Getting started

Firstly, according to the characteristics of the industry and the online environment our digital marketing agency in Budapest prepares the content strategy that fits your business. In order to create an effective planning, we must clarify your main goals, the target audience of your business, and the characteristics of the market.

2. How we create quality content

Our creative team will provide high quality and relevant content that increases the awareness, the engagement, and the number of the leads contributing to your company’s sales performance.  At our online marketing agency in Hungary the marketers, copywriters, and designers work together during the creation process, which results in creative and high-quality content that speaks to your buyers.

3. How we make sure content marketing contributes to your business

The last as well as the main stage of our service is measurement, which is an essential part of content marketing in order to establish the added value of our service. The whole content marketing activity is measured by the main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) determined by the project. 

Among others, the main indicators could be: 

• the quantity of traffic, 

• the number of organic searches, 

• the number of non-PPC transactions.

Ready for your business to have quality content marketing? Just say the word, and our agency will get to work right away!


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© 2014-2020 All Rights Reserved,
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© 2014-2020 All Rights Reserved,
Dog and Pony Advertising Agency

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