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Recruiting new employees without hiring an expensive headhunter company?

Let’s suppose you work in the HR department of a promising company. One day, one of your best employees suddenly quits. What do you do?

The process of recruiting new employees can be extremely tedious and costly. Employers are tired of paying large sums of money to headhunting firms or taking part in oversaturated job fairs to find qualified candidates.
But what if you could find recruit qualified new employees and save money at the same time? This is why you should try recruiting through Facebook lead generation campaigns.

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Why is Facebook a viable recruiting tool?

Think of Facebook as a great recruiting tool to reach a diverse workforce. Because it’s such a popular social media platform, you have the opportunity to recruit new employees from all over the world, from different professional backgrounds and with different educational qualifications. Even if you are not familiar with social media or maybe even a little skeptical about its effectiveness, it’s not a problem. Facebook recruitment campaigns are highly measurable, so it’s easy to track the performance and cost of each recruitment ad.

1. Social media is no longer just for young people. In fact, Facebook is the social media platform with the most even gender and age demographic distribution, making it a very effective recruiting tool.

2. Facebook users are not only greater in number than users of other social media platforms, but they are also more active. The number of Facebook users is growing by the minute, with five new profiles being created every second. It’s too big of a channel to ignore if you want to run recruitment ads.

3. Facebook ads can save you time, energy and not to mention money on recruiting potential new employees. This of course requires the right Facebook recruitment strategy and lead campaign structure.

4. You can reach and attract more potential new employees. Facebook’s recruiting tool helps you build and promote your brand where the most suitable candidates are.


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Facebook lead generation ads for recruiting new employees

Facebook and Instagram lead generation ads allow you to run recruitment campaigns on the most popular social media platforms. Unlike other types of ads, lead generation campaigns include a questionnaire that allows users to indicate their interest in a product, service, or, in this case, an open position by filling in a form with their contact details.

But what are Facebook lead generation ads exactly? They are a recruiting tool designed for a wide range of industries, but in the case of Facebook recruitment campaigns, they are most commonly used for advertising jobs online. Facebook recruitment advertising allows users to skip the hassle of filling out a form manually, and it is this ease of use and simplicity that allows you to increase the number of leads (potential new employees) you receive. Facebook lead generation ads give users all the information they need directly within the social medial platform, making it even more likely that users will stay engaged and apply for the position described in the recruitment ad.

If we also take into account the fact that recruitment advertising platforms are usually overcrowded, Facebook recruiting ads are great in helping you cut through all the clutter. Not to mention that since few recruitment agencies currently use Facebook lead generation campaigns for recruiting new employees, your offer can easily stand out from all the others.

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Strategy: LinkedIn vs. Facebook lead campaigns for recruitment

LinkedIn still remains the most popular social media platform in the world of recruitment. But does that make it a better strategy compared to Facebook lead campaigns for recruiting new employees? In a way, the answer is yes – although Facebook has been known as a more informal social media platform focusing on leisure and entertainment since its inception, this has now completely changed.

While LinkedIn certainly has its advantages as a recruitment strategy, Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with more than 2.7 billion active users. There are many advantages to using Facebook lead campaigns for the recruitment of new employees compared to online job boards, recruiters, or even LinkedIn.

Facebook allows you to reach a dramatically larger audience at the lowest possible cost. Focusing on LinkedIn and job boards to find exceptional talent simply doesn’t compare to Facebook lead generation campaigns. In addition, Facebook recruitment campaigns allow you to recruit passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for new job opportunities, expanding your reach even further.

Now that you know why it’s worth running a Facebook lead campaign for recruitment, let’s talk about the process of this recruiting strategy.


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What is the process of a Facebook lead generation ad campaign?

Is your company recruiting new employees for more than one open position? To generate the best leads, we recommend creating a separate Facebook recruitment ad for each position.

These are the three key aspects of a successful Facebook lead generation ad campaign:

1. Proper targeting: this requires defining exactly what the advertised position is and what the conditions for applying are. Of course, this also means you need to define what you expect from potential new employees, and what characteristics and skills they should have. Facebook recruiting ads allow you to target potential candidates based on specific demographic information, such as age, location, education, industry, job title, languages, and interests.

2. Using pictures that capture the attention of your target audience: once the targeting options of your Facebook lead generation ad campaign are set and you have reached your potential new employees, you need to catch their attention somehow. The recruiting process can be much more effective if you can convince relevant candidates to stop scrolling for a moment and focus on the image that appears before them.

3. A convincing text: finally, the wording of your Facebook lead campaign ad also needs to convince new employees why they should apply for the job. In the text of your recruiting ad, you need to emphasize what they can expect (offer) and what the conditions are (expectations).

If these three key factors have been properly defined and optimized, it will result in either a click from your users or the completion of a Facebook form from your potential new employees. The form of your conversion depends on whether you prefer to inform the job seeker on a separate landing page created to advertise the open positions(s) at your company or whether your Facebook lead ad is sufficient enough on its own to inform candidates about the details of the position. The “best” method depends on individual preference, the resources of your business, or the complexity of the job itself.

Facebook form recruitments ads are usually more effective, as they allow users to upload information quickly and easily. Once they click on the CTA (call-to-action) button they can enter their personal info and then answer a few questions about the position. This allows users to apply without having to leave Facebook. An additional advantage of recruiting new employees this way is that there is no need to create a separate website or landing page for a specific job posting.

Ready to make your first Facebook lead generation ad campaign a success? Do yourself a favor and give Facebook recruitment ads a try! As well as generating quick results, Facebook is a highly effective recruiting tool, not to mention much cheaper than any other job recruitment platform.

Do you have any reservations or questions about Facebook lead campaigns? Contact us!

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How does Facebook recruitment advertising work?

Facebook recruitment is realized through Facebook’s advertising system. It is important to note that this is not the “Facebook Jobs” platform, i.e. not the Facebook platform optimized for explicit job ads, as that has been discontinued in early 2022. These are classic ads where the “product” is the job offer itself.

There are two ways to launch a Facebook recruitment campaign:

1. Redirecting users to a landing page, i.e. clicking on the Facebook recruitment advertisement will take users to a separate site where they can learn more about the advertised position. They can submit their application via this page by filling in a form.

2. Keeping the job description and application process on Facebook’s interface. The details of the job in question are described in the text of your Facebook recruitment advertisement. Your advertising on social media is also supported by an inviting graphic design where you can highlight the most relevant information about the open position. Salary, job title, and the location of the job can all be good choices to highlight in Facebook recruitment advertising. After clicking on the ad, your “lead” will receive a form within Facebook, which consists of entering contact details and 2-3 questions they need to answer to apply.

The Facebook form version of Facebook recruitment advertising collects questions within the so-called Facebook Lead Center, which is accessible via Facebook. This is where you can download the applications you receive via your lead generation campaign.

Division of tasks needed for Facebook recruitment advertising

1. Your tasks:

– providing a basic job description, highlighting the benefits that will make this “product” attractive to your target audience

– providing visual material, if available (location of the job site, company photos to convey the atmosphere of your business and provide authenticity to your Facebook recruitment ad)

– specifying a landing page or providing Dog & Pony with web editing access

2. Dog & Pony’s tasks:

– creating creative designs from the received visual material (or from stock images if not visual materials are unavailable)

– writing Facebook recruitment advertising texts from raw descriptions

– one-time Facebook recruitment campaign setup

– monthly Facebook lead generation campaign management

Is the cost of Facebook recruitment ads worth it?

If you want to stand out in the eyes of job seekers and attract the most relevant candidates for you at the best possible price, we recommend you give Facebook recruitment ads a try. You’ll be surprised at how effective they are at generating quality leads, and we haven’t even mentioned the best part: all you have to do is determine who the ideal candidate is for the advertised position(s). After we’ll take over the process of Facebook recruitment ads, including the planning of the campaign, writing ad copies, and creating attractive graphic designs.

All that remains for you to do is filter the incoming candidates!

Dog & Pony marketing agency has already helped many of our clients in recruiting new employees. What are you waiting for? Contact us and become our next satisfied client!


Typical questions related to our services

How precise are Facebook ads for recruiting the ideal employees?

Out of all forms of paid advertising, Facebook gives you the most leeway for recruiting new employees. You can filter potential candidates by gender, age, location, and even interests thanks to Facebook’s algorithm. This allows you to target potential candidates with personalized ad messages. Not to mention that in the case of niche professions, the ideal candidate may not be an active job seeker, but still open to new job opportunities. Thanks to targetable interests, these passive candidates can also be targeted with a Facebook recruitment campaign. This is what makes Facebook such an effective tool for recruiting new employees.

What is a good example of a Facebook recruitment ad? 🔥 What do they look like?

Facebook recruitment ads consist of 4 important elements: the ad text with the ad image or video underneath, followed by a short headline, and finally a CTA (call-to-action) button, which prompts the user to interact with your ad. The Facebook job ad can be supplemented by a form that appears on the social media platform when clicking on the CTA button, along with the questions you have prepared in advance. This makes this type of recruiting tool very effective, because it allows the interested users to apply directly where they are informed, without interrupting their natural browsing process.

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