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Marketing strategy planning in Budapest

Would you like to set foot with your business in Hungary or take your marketing actions to the next level? A clear and detailed marketing strategy will help you make the most out of your efforts. Don’t worry about spending endless hours on planning your marketing for the next year, Dog and Pony will do it for you!

Our marketing agency is prepared to tackle businesses of every size and guide them to reach their best year in marketing in Hungary. Every marketing plan is tailored for your current situation and the goals you want to achieve: you will never receive a standard marketing plan from us.

 Why marketing strategy planning is important for your business

A better question would be: how can any business succeed without some form of strategic marketing planning? How else would a company, big or small, succeed to adapt to the constantly changing market and exploit their competitive advantage?

Planning a good marketing strategy is no small tasks and relies on a multitude of factors. What’s more, failing to recognize the importance of digital marketing planning can have a lot of negative consequences, such as:

• falling behind your competitors,

• having less new customers,

• failing to keep existing customers,

• missing out on opportunities for growth.

Thankfully, these can be avoided: our marketing agency in Budapest is here to guide through the whole process. Whether you just want to rework your website or need a comprehensive strategy that covers all the angles of your business, Dog and Pony can work with just about any need!

marketing planning Hungary

The benefits you can expect from our agency’s marketing strategy planning

Here are just a few of the many advantages you can reach by using Dog and Pony’s strategic marketing plan:

1. You’ll be able to evaluate your environment more clearly

Thanks to our Hungarian agency’s marketing planning, you will be provided with an excellent tool to check and evaluate where your company is positioned right now. This analysis will be made even more clear by seeing what your available resources are, and how your industry’s current competitive environment is developing.

All the data that Dog and Pony will collect plays a huge part in your company’s strategic marketing plan: if you truly wish to understand your business’s situation better, and get a more detailed look at your industry, our agency is ready to help!

2. Our strategic marketing plan will help you set clear goals

Having clear objectives is important for all businesses in every industry. In order to help you establish these, our marketing planning agency will help you set SMART goals. And yes, that’s not just a relevant adjective. It’s an abbreviation!

S – specific marketing goals.  No unclear language allowed! We’ll help you define your goals as specifically as possible.

M – measurable marketing goals. Dog and Pony will help you set goals that can both be tracked, and measured. This will be a great help in knowing how much you can achieve after reaching one of your goals.

A – achievable marketing goals. Not to be overlooked! It’s important that you don’t overreach: any marketing plan worth using should contain reasonable goals that are within the current capabilities of your business.

R – relevant marketing goals. Crucial, really. If a goal isn’t worth achieving and won’t meet your short and long-term needs, can it even be called a goal?

T – timely marketing goals. One of the hardest aspects of any marketing plan execution, but its benefits are all the more worthwhile. By setting time limits for your goals, you will learn to manage the resources and time of your business better!

3. You’ll know what you need to do to achieve your goals!

Finally, by seeing what goals you have set, our marketing strategy planning agency will also help you identify what needs to be done in order to achieve them!


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A sneak peak into Dog and Pony’s marketing strategy planning process

Having a carefully thought out marketing will definitely help your business soar, but we will still need your help to create the perfect marketing strategy for your company.

1. An extensive analysis of your business

First, we will do a thorough analysis of your current situation, during which we will use the data we can find about your business, as well as ask you questions in the consulting process to be able to see your company’s current state clearly.

2. Setting clear goals

As we’ve mentioned before with SMART, we will also need to determine your goals and the budget that you can allocate on your marketing campaigns. We can only start the real marketing planning after we’ve collected all this information from you.

3. Marketing planning tailored to your needs

In the planning phase, our digital marketing company will take every possibility into consideration that could likely suit your company, and choose the ones that can result in the best results for your business in Hungary.

4. Not just a digital marketing strategy

The marketing strategy our agency will lay out for you will contain online media and offline marketing opportunities as well, all in line with your goals and budget. With this detailed marketing plan you will have a clear vision of your future marketing efforts.

 Do you want to take your marketing to the next level? Contact Dog and Pony and we’ll help you create a plan and strategy worthy of your brand!


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