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Facebook page management in Budapest


Our online marketing agency in Budapest is ready to boost your Facebook presence to reach your targeted audience, represent the values of your brand, and increase the incoming conversions from your Facebook site.

Today, every business needs social media support, regardless of them being on the B2B or B2C market. Facebook as a platform can be used as a powerful marketing tool: besides many branding activities, it can effectively support sales by generating real conversions.

If you would like to manage your Facebook page in a data-driven, professional way, you should be aware that the Facebook management tasks of a business are more widespread and complex than an average Facebook page. Branding is an important opportunity provided by Facebook, which can be productively supported by a well-managed Facebook page, but there are special areas like crisis management, when a much quicker response is needed.

Our social media agency in Budapest provides immediate responses for each comment made by members of your audience, as well as representing the values of your business. Our Facebook managers in Hungary can help you create an effective marketing tool for your Facebook page, which generates conversions contributing to your ROI.

In order to reach your marketing goals, we offer a professional strategic plan based on the analysis of your target audience, and the activities of your competitors.

Facebook page management is a double-edged sword – but not with our guidance!

Having a Facebook page gives your business the opportunity to interact with its target audience – but without professional management and a fast response time it could even be harmful to your brand value! Our Facebook specialists are ready to make an effective social media tool from your business’s Facebook page to contribute to your brand’s overall digital strategy. We will help you get the right followers and improve their engagement by sharing relevant, entertaining posts on your feed. 

So in a nutshell, if you trust the management of your Facebook page to our professional online marketing agency, your business will reach its target audience, your brand awareness will increase, and your current followers will have a higher incentive to engage with your business!


Leave your Facebook page management in our hands and reap the benefits!

1. Quick and relevant responses
You don’t have to worry about comments!
All our clients have a dedicated Facebook page manager who has deep knowledge about the company in order to give the most relevant responses for the messages and for the comments as well on time.

2. Awesome creative content
We create posts that you will be proud of!
Our designers are ready to create professional, unique content which is equivalent to your Corporate Identity Design.

3. Experience
Spend less, reach more. We can do it!
Our experts are managing different Facebook pages from different industries. We follow the most recent trends since 2010.

4. Increase in sales
Let us boost those sales numbers!
A professionally managed and optimized Facebook page increases your sales. While that is a well-established fact, let our experts show it to you in practice!

5. Reports
We believe in numbers!
We provide monthly reports for all our clients measuring all the relevant KPIs in order to monitor the effectiveness of our activities. 


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Facebook page setup: dress to impress!

We will suit up your business in the biggest country in the Social Media world!
A Facebook page is like an online business card that you can give to social media users. Still, to achieve the desired effect – giving the best look of your business in the customers’ eyes – it must be optimized! Not to mention it is also very important for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Our experts will optimize your Facebook page in order to make your social media appearance stronger!


Facebook content creation:
time to get creative!

Let’s create something awesome!
Actuality, design, creativity, effective CTAs, simplicity, etc… The success of a Facebook post is affected by a huge number of factors. While it is practically impossible to take every single factor into account, we are more than ready to provide you with the maximum number of basic elements like design, title writing, and the concept itself in order to create awesome content that is relevant to your business.


Facebook comment management:
the art of online diplomacy

We can speak in your customers’ language!
Moderating and monitoring the comments under your posts on your Facebook page is one of the most critical part of Facebook management. Responding to, or even hiding controversial comments need an even higher amount of attention and care than the answering of private messages on Messenger. It requires almost 7/24 monitoring, because it is visible for all your fans and visitors, and it could easily generate negative electronic word of mouth, that could damage your brand value online.

Apart from response time the content of the answers is also a critical point since it is all public. Any irrelevant comment made from your Facebook page can damage the credibility of your company, so this part of Facebook management especially requires qualified experts. At Dog and Pony, we manage more than 40 Facebook pages including companies from the FMCG sector, building and construction, travel and entertainment, fashion, and more. So don’t worry: we speak a lot of “languages”!


Facebook page management as a CRM tool:
the key to long-lasting relationships

This is the beginning of a great friendship.
Facebook page management became also highly required for customer relationship management purposes. It gives the opportunity for your customers to get in touch with you more easily. There can be several cases when a customer needs more information about your service or your products, or just wants to give feedback. You must be on your toes, since many kinds of issues could arise during the consumption of your services: you must be prepared to deal with negative experiences as well. 

Be wary! It is not enough to respond to these messages as soon as possible: your employee who represents your business on social media has to be well-prepared and involved about the actual topic in order to give the most detailed and relevant information to the user. 

Our well-prepared and dedicated experts will take the weight off your feet, by handling all the incoming requests on your Facebook page!


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© 2014-2020 All Rights Reserved,
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