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Is your communication strategy all set up? Maybe you’ve already put it into action? Then you most likely want to know if it resonates with your audience the way you intended it to do. That’s when social media monitoring comes in handy for your brand!

Our online marketing agency in Hungary is ready to provide you with a heap of valuable information! 

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Why and how your brand can benefit from social media monitoring

People nowadays share their thoughts on social media almost as often as in offline settings. You can access a huge amount of information just by actively listening to social mentions in Hungary.

These are just a few of the advantages your can expect from working with our social listening agency in Budapest:

1. Brand-building made easier

Media monitoring and social listening are great ways to help you build a strong brand. In order to do that, you must know how much the name of your business is known, and if your target audience even understands what your brand is about.

With Dog and Pony’s brand monitoring, we’ll help you notice any misunderstandings people may have about your business, so that you may take action. After all, how can you correct mistakes that you didn’t even know existed? You’ll be able to ensure that your brand is consistent on all platforms, and therefore, stronger as a whole.

2. Extra help for crisis management

By knowing more about what your target audience really thinks about your brand, you’ll be able to more actively participate in managing your reputation, as well as solving and avoiding customer dissatisfaction more easily.

Speed is essential in solving crisis situations: the more you wait, the worse things can get. But in order to react as fast as possible, you need to know when and where your customers are expressing their complaints!

With Dog and Pony, you’ll be able to handle situations like that faster, and learn more about how to avoid them in the future!

Brand social media monitoring Budapest Hungary

3. A simple way for a competitor analysis

Every business needs to be up to date about the newest trends in their industry and who their main competitors are. With Dog and Pony’s brand monitoring and social listening, you’ll get a clear look at what and who those are!

You’ll know more about what your target audience is saying about your competitors and how your brand fares compared to them. This is a great way to avoid the mistakes they may be making, as well as define the areas in which you might need to catch up to them.

4. A new strategic tool to test your effectiveness

The big one. Brand and media monitoring is an excellent online marketing method to both measure and improve the effectivity of your digital communication.

Our agency in Hungary will help you learn just how much you actually reach your target audience, and save you precious time to help you focus your online marketing strategy!

To sum things up, with Dog and Pony’s support, you will know if your core message came through to your target audience in each campaign, how they like your products or services, or what they think of your brand in general. One of the greatest gifts marketing can provide is relevant information: we’re ready to give that to you.


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Our brand and social media monitoring services in Hungary – why should I choose Dog and Pony?

Still not convinced you should outsource your social listening to our agency in Budapest? We could certainly go on listing reasons as to why your business needs brand monitoring to grow. Still, to make things easier, here are 3 very simple but important reasons why working with Dog and Pony works in your favor:

1. We’ll save you an unimaginable amount of time

Of course, social media monitoring can take up almost all your working hours, as there are endless social mentions to follow up on, and we didn’t even take online magazines, blogs, etc. into consideration yet! There are vast opportunities for people to talk about your brand in the online world that you should allocate your social listening time to.

Brand monitoring Budapest Hungary

2. Don’t miss out on our know-how on the subject

Even if you put in the hours, if you don’t do social listening for a living, there’s a great chance that the all the effort you put in won’t pay off.

That’s why our communications agency specializes in brand and social media monitoring services in Hungary, as we have both the time and experience to actively monitor the online world, and see how your brand’s communication resonates with your target audience.

3. It will pay off in the long-term

Other than giving you the power of knowledge about your brand’s echo, we’ll provide you with the information you need to handle future situations better, and faster.

Remember that social media monitoring isn’t just about short-term gain about specific areas of your business. It will give you the necessary perspective to better manage the long-term needs of your company, and of course, your customers.

Contact us to see how Dog & Pony can help you make your communications even better with social listening in Hungary!


Typical questions related to our services


Brand monitoring and social listening takes time to be done correctly, time you could be using to focus on the other areas of your business. It also requires the necessary know-how to identify problems, opportunities, and the right tools to measure and analyze the metrics. A professional digital marketing agency can be both more time and cost-effective than a dedicated inhouse team, and will help your company make new decisions for the future based on crucial data.


There are many metrics that help measure the effectiveness of digital marketing, allowing you to know how successful your current strategy is, and make data-driven decisions for the future. In the case of social listening, here are some of the most important metrics:
• volume of conversation (number of brand mentions)
• rate of engagement (number of replies, shares)
• share of voice (your brand awareness vs the competition)
• sentiment analysis (proportion of negative and positive feedback about your brand)


Brand monitoring and social listening has many benefits, one of the most important being information. You can easily stay on top of new mentions of your brand, and react to them in time before they become viral for the wrong reasons, giving you a chance to clarify negative reviews. It is also a great way to maintain a positive image among potential customers, analyze your competitors, test your online communication strategy, and even identify new influencers that could be a good fit for your brand.


Brand monitoring is a process in digital marketing where different channels are monitored in social media and other offsite sources. Brand mentions can happen practically anywhere: blog posts, product and services reviews, news articles, and so on. They are not be underestimated, as they can directly affect the reputation of your company in a positive or negative way. The purpose of monitoring brand mentions is for you to be able to act accordingly.

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