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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) ➡️ Hungary

Conversion rate optimization helps you to get more clients in Hungary.

We are ready to support you in turning the visitors of your website into the income of your business!

Conversion rate optimization can help you to transform the number of your site visitors into real customers based on the information we can collect on their behavior. Monitoring what your visitors do on your website can give you a better understanding about the key audience of your business. In order to generate higher income to your company we are ready to optimize the whole conversion process according to the insights of your visitors! Our developers are ready to enhance the performance of your site by creating a detailed and customized conversion rate optimization in Hungary

Conversion rate optimization Budapest Hungary

Many website owners focus on increasing the visitors of their site, but this strategy does not always increase profits. In general, only a small number of visitors become real purchasers. The conversion rate is a key indicator, which is the reflection of both the efficiency of your website, and the customer’s satisfaction. There are several possible ways to improve the conversation rate of your website, but one of the most important things to do is to make it user-friendly. Our team is prepared to help you with your landing page development in order to make an excellent first impression on the customers in Hungary!

Your landing page is also important, but this is only the first step of the conversion path. During the user journey many opportunities arise for conversion rate optimization, from well-written content to Call to Actions.

Using the data we collected from the visitors we can determine where, and what to optimize in order to make the purchase process more convenient for them, contributing to a higher conversion rate.

In the end of the conversion optimization process you’ll receive an updated website that can potentially generate more conversions for you from the same number of visitors!

Why you need CRO services for your business – get more paying visitors!

1. Convert your visitors into customers

Optimizing your website (interface, functions, etc) based on your conversion rate will help your visitors to navigate more easily during the browsing and purchasing process, which will help in converting them into real customers.

2. Get more returning customers

Creating a user-friendly website for your business will make your appearance more attractive in front of your customers, which will do a lot towards increasing their loyalty to your brand.

Conversion rate optimization services Budapest

3. Get a higher ROI

Reaching a higher number of conversions will generates a better return on investment, because all your campaigns will perform better, turning your traffic from any source into conversions.

4. Efficiency

Conversion rate optimization is operating only with your visitors, a group who already have an interest for your products or services. This is the reason why CRO has a higher impact on your website’s performance than the other offsite marketing activities.


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Our CRO services – this is how our agency will work for you

1. Determination of your customers and their behavior

Our online marketing experts will help you to read in between the numbers of your website analytics, and translate them into customer characteristics and behavior, as well as create data-driven decisions by learning the personality of your main customers. Well-determined buying personas gives the opportunity to make customized website changes and development that helps them to move forward on their customer journey. 

We will tell you what the buying personas of your customers look like!

2. Conversion strategy: audit and consultancy

At Dog and Pony, our dedicated CRO team includes online marketing experts, statisticians, web developers, and designers. Combining that professional knowledge, we offer comprehensive CRO services starting from the audit, followed by the planning phase, and finishing with the execution you need. The conversion rate strategy created by Dog and Pony is always based on your visitors’ data, and by implementing the most effective web development and design solutions.

We will create a CRO strategy that will boost your online sales!

Conversion rate optimization services Hungary

3. Data-driven development and decision making

We believe in the force of numbers! Our marketing experts will precisely analyze every tiny part of the customer journey that could improve the number of your conversions. We provide customized, data-driven solutions for all of our clients, in order to offer the most effective and simple user experience that fits to the given target audience’s behavior.

We will drive your decisions based on carefully analyzed data!

4. A / B testing

Our developers make different solutions (button placements, design options, content variations) on every path of the customer journey, that can also be used at the same time for testing which version performs the best. This method gives the opportunity to optimize the customer journey of your business, find the critical points in that path, and fix them. This will all help your visitors to navigate more easily on your site.

Dog and Pony CRO agency offers well-planned conversion rate optimization based on deep data analysis that will boost the sales of your business.

Work with us and increase the ROI of your website!


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Typical questions related to our services


A CRO agency is usually a digital marketing company responsible for improving your conversion rate through a variety of web development and advertising activities. They can help you from the start of the process up until the final reports, and will analyze your business’s current online presence, as well as the buying behavior of your target audience to help you get the most out of your current users, and of course, get even more new customers.


The are many angles to conversion optimization, but in most cases, these are the main steps you will need to take to improve your conversion rate:
1. creation of your CRO strategy
2. analyzing the current buying behavior and user experience of your target audience
3. finding the “leaks” of your sales funnel that need to be patched
4. optimizing your landing pages
5. making sure your site is mobile friendly and loads fast enough
6. A/B testing


There are many reasons why conversion rate optimization is important for your business. Advantages include lowering the acquisition cost of a new customer by increasing your revenue from the leads you already have. CRO also covers a wide range of digital marketing methods that help you get more clients online and grow your business. It can also indirectly boost your SEO efforts by helping you understand your key audience better, and providing them with a better user experience.


Conversion rate optimization (abbreviated as CRO) is a process in digital marketing and web development that focuses on optimizing elements of your online presence such as your website design, your ads, and your landing pages. The goal is to improve your conversion rate: a metric that shows many of your visitors convert to customers, or complete a desired action, like filling out your contact form. It also plays a role in your company’s SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

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