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Advertising on Facebook offers the opportunity to target your potential customers with great precision, based on almost limitless options like interests, demographics, locations, job title, and much more in order to drive your leads.

Our social marketing agency in Hungary is ready to increase the performance of your business by providing the professional management of your Facebook marketing in Budapest. The key of successful Facebook management is the quality of the targeting, which includes the right communication, to the right customer, at the right time. In order to increase the targeting skills of your company, it is necessary to find the different segments of your audience according to your activity, your recent customers, and of course, the market. The main goal is to create different target groups and find the most suitable communication based on these segments. We are ready to help in building up your audience segmentation strategy with the most suitable and creative Facebook advertising in Hungary.

Facebook PPC advertising agency Budapest Hungary

The secret of our success is to find and target the most valuable Facebook audience for your business with the most relevant ads, by collecting and processing all the data provided about Facebook users. Successful Facebook campaigns need continuous management: testing the ads, optimizing the targeting options and the ad placements, and so on. Our Facebook advertising experts in Hungary are ready to boost your Facebook ads in a professional, data-driven way to create highly efficient advertisements for your business on Facebook!


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Advertising on Facebook does work in Hungary – if you use the right ingredients!

1. Targeting (only) the right customer

Build a highly efficient targeting strategy which helps you to reach the most valuable audience with your Facebook ads! The campaigns can be targeted based on the following factors: demographic (age, education, relationship status, work, income, etc.), interests (hobbies, sports, etc.), behaviors (traveling, purchases, etc.) and connections (liked your page, your post, etc.). 

You only have to determine the ideal customer and we will set up your campaigns precisely make sure your message will reach only those who care!

2. Cost-efficiency

Facebook is still one of the most cost-effective advertising channels, not only in Hungary, but also all over the world. 

Our team of Facebook experts is ready to professionally optimize the Facebook campaigns of your business in order to reduce your Facebook advertising costs and increase your ROAS (roll of advertising investment).

Facebook PPC advertising agency services Hungary

3. Facebook retargeting

Facebook retargeting campaigns allows your business to reach back to those customers who have already been on your website. Those customers have already shown an interest in your brand, so they are more likely to convert in the future. 

Our experts will help you to retarget the visitors of your website with precisely customized ads, showing them content that they have already shown interest in before.

4. Several types of advertisements for different goals

Whether you would like to use image, video, slideshow or carousel formats, it is important to know that different formats have different impacts on customers. We can help you to create the most suitable formats that really make an impact on your target audience.

Our social marketing agency is ready to create a communication mix from the most suitable types of advertisements that fit to your social media marketing strategy! Naturally, we also optimize them according to the type of format used.


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Our Facebook marketing agency’s goal is helping you reach yours!

1. Increasing Brand awareness

Reach the people who are unaware about your business with engaging photo and video ads! Advertising on Facebook gives you a huge opportunity to engage with those potential customers who don’t have any information about your brand and turn them into your fans.

We will increase your brand awareness using professional campaigns and awesome content!

2. Generate leads

It is a common occurrence, that even if a website receives thousands of visitors every day, the conversion rate could be still on a low level. A high volume of visitors alone will never be enough to reach the desired result. Let us show you that advertising on Facebook is an ideal tool for getting high-quality traffic, that will indeed generate valuable leads to your website.

We drive valuable traffic to your site!

3. Increase sales

Facebook is not only for branding! Our marketing specialists create advanced campaigns targeting the right people at the right place, at the right time, with the right message to drive your ROI. We create Facebook campaigns implementing a professional conversion rate optimization. 

We will convert your audience into customers!

Facebook PPC advertising company Budapest Hungary

Our Facebook marketing services – this is what you can expect from us

1. Facebook Ads campaign management

As a Facebook marketing agency, we are experienced in developing and testing professional campaigns. We believe that the success of campaigns largely depends on the quality of Facebook Ad audiences set. Therefore, we give special attention on developing creative and detailed ad audiences that help our clients to reach their potential customers more efficiently.

2. Facebook Ad design

There are several advertisement formats available on Facebook that can be used to tell the story of your brand to your audience. Our Social media specialists will help you to choose the most effective way to reach your goal, and our designers guarantee stunning content which suits your business, implementing your corporate design and appearance.

3. Facebook Ad copywriting

Title writing is a critically important factor in Facebook advertisements. Our experienced copywriters will create the best titles for conversion. Since we do more than one version for each ad, that gives us the opportunity for A/B testing in order to optimize your campaigns. A well-defined CTA (call to action) can bring you better results, so we monitor the performance of each ad and boost only those which contribute the most to your goals.

4. Goal oriented Facebook reports

We measure several indicators that show in detail the performance of a Facebook ad. Our marketing agency will create clear and transparent monthly reports of each campaign that help our clients to understand the performance details. We will also help you to translate these numbers into actions!


Typical questions related to our services


There are many reasons why businesses should consider hiring a Facebook ad agency. This includes saving both time and money: since you won’t have to handle your ads yourself you can spend resources on the other areas of your business, and don’t need to pay the full-time salary and training of an inhouse team. You also get instant access to a varied team of experts who optimize Facebook campaigns for a living, and will work very hard to bring you results!


Simply put, a Facebook ad agency is a digital marketing company that offers a variety of services to different companies to help them drive their business forward on this social media platform. The right advertising agency can assist you through the complete process and technicalities of creating your campaigns, and will also provide you with valuable new data about how your ads are doing, and what could be done to achieve even better results.


Facebook advertising can be a very cost-effective digital channel that brings definite value to your business. The only catch is that needs to be done right! With the right timing of your campaigns and the right targeting options based on an appropriately researched audience your ads on this social media platform will drive high-quality click from your users. If you are not sure if you can do this profitably inhouse, you should always consider using an ad agency.


Advertising on the most used social media platform in the world is essential for any business that wants to extend their online reach and keep up with the competition. Facebook advertising also plays an important role in your overall digital marketing strategy, and can help boost other marketing activities, raise your brand awareness, attract more quality leads, and even convert users into customers! Due to the amount of work this can take, many companies choose to outsource it to an ad agency.

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