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Looking for a media company in Hungary? Dog and Pony is more than ready to manage your business media planning and buying!

If your goal is to achieve a more efficient way of reaching and communicating with your target audience, and you need a media agency in Budapest to reach that goal, then you are exactly where you need to be.

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Why should you choose our media planning and buying agency in Budapest?

Whether you’re a huge multinational company or a more modest enterprise, media advertising will always be necessary to sustain your sales and help your business grow. If you’re unsure as to why outsourcing such a vital task can help your company, here are just a few reasons why you will benefit from working with our media agency in Hungary:

1. This is what we do for a living

At Dog and Pony, we have necessary experience and know-how to create successful media campaigns for you. Who else would you trust with understanding the market and the current pricing trends? Not to mention you’ll have access to our buying power and huge media contact network in Hungary.

By putting your trust in us, you can be sure that we will identify the best deals for you, and help you avoid overpriced offers!

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2. You’ll have a lot more time on your hands

Since we’ll be doing the “dirty work” for you, you’ll find that you will have a lot of freed up capacity to deal with the main activities of your business. Let’s be serious: do you really want to spend your days trying to negotiate without the buying power of a professional media agency? Calling up media sales reps and conducting market researches with no clear end in sight?

With Dog and Pony, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with such a hassle yourself!

3. We’ll help you see the “big picture”

Bringing in outside help is always a great opportunity to get an unbiased, objective look at how things are going at your company. If there is room to improve, you can be sure that our media buying and planning agency in Budapest will bring a fresh perspective to your business!


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The services of our media agency in Budapest

We cannot emphasize this enough: media planning is essential for any company that wants to keep up in an increasingly competitive environment. A good ad just isn’t enough anymore: you need to know when and where to place it, so it doesn’t just disappear in the ocean of advertisements already out there.

That’s where Dog and Pony comes in. In order to ensure your business stays competitive in the media environment, here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from our media agency in Budapest:

 1. Media planning: the first phase

Our media planning agency will essentially cover all necessary steps to start developing a successful campaign for your business. This will allow us to identify the basic goals that we can aim for, and how to develop your campaign in a way that ensures your message is heard with the best possible execution.

Dog and Pony will do its own extensive market research in order to identify, analyze, and compare the best possible combination of media outlets and objectives to advertise your message.

We will also be reviewing the current trends of the industry in order to understand the motivation of your target audience more. This well help us anticipate how they may react to particular media campaigns.

You can be certain that our media planning agency in Budapest will cover all the basics to ensure a solid foundation for your campaign, as well as how to allocate your media budget the most effectively!

Media agency Budapest Hungary

2. Media buying: the second phase

Based on your budget, our media buying agency will use its media contacts to negotiate and buy ad space for you across the optimal channels we’ve found for your brand.

This phase will be all about acquiring paid media space and different timeslots, to make sure that your message can reach the maximum number of targeted potential customers. Trying to do this process on your own in Hungary or any other country can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention that without good contacts, it’ll be close to impossible to achieve good results.

Thanks to our huge contact network in Hungary, our media buying agency in Budapest can help you acquire ad space in different kinds of outlets, and pick the ones where your message can resonate the most with your target audience!

3. Your own media plan: the final phase

After all this, we will also provide you with a media plan: a collective report on the effectiveness of your media campaign, based on our monitoring of your ads’ performance.

At Dog and Pony, we find it crucial that you can see the results of the work we’ll be doing for yourself. This way can easily keep you in the loop of our process, and show you that we create media campaigns that work!

Thanks to our media contacts, our agency in Budapest will ensure your message comes across at the right place and at the right time. Contact us so we can start working on helping you communicate with your target audience!


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Typical questions related to our services


A media ad agency will always have your final digital advertising metrics: it will work on and implement a strategy that will focus on maximizing your engagement rate and help you get a better return on your investment. Outsourcing media planning and buying is also much more time and cost-effective than paying the full-time salary of an inhouse team who may not have the same extensive experience as the team of a media agency.


The media buying process is the execution of your ad campaign, and also covers negotiating and buying ad time and space for your company. Due to their greater knowledge of the pricing trends of the media market and their greater buying power, many companies choose to outsource this process to a media agency to identify fair deals more easily.


Media planning is the 1st main phase of a media strategy. This part is essentially about the planning, and not the execution of your ad campaign. A lot of companies outsource this process to media agencies, as they have the necessary skillset and experience to determine the best possible combination of media appearances to help you achieve your business goals. Thanks to their already present network of contacts, they can identify suitable platforms much more quickly.


A media agency is an advertising company that helps other businesses decide when, where, and how to advertise their products. The services of a media agency can cover the main forms of media management (such as media buying and media buying), but they can also advise companies on PR appearance, social media advertising, creative marketing solutions, and the analysis of online advertising metrics.

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