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Have you been scouring the web for a UI/UX design company located in Budapest, Hungary? Then your search has finally reached its end: let Dog and Pony take over from here!

If you’ve done your research, then you already know that UI stands for “user interface”, and UX stands for “user experience”. While the former (UI) serves to improve the presentation and the interactivity of your website/application with buttons and other visual elements, the latter (UX) is about enhancing the overall experience of the users with a well-planned structure.

As a full-service UI/UX design agency, Dog and Pony is ready to help you with both!

UI UX design agency Budapest Hungary

Despite their differences, both UI and UX development serve the same goal: providing the maximum user satisfaction to anybody who goes to your website or opens your application. One basically cannot exist without the other, so to ensure maximum efficiency, you will need a company that can provide both UI and UX development. Just like Dog and Pony.

However, they aren’t just about reaching an advantage over your competitors: any company who doesn’t invest in UI and UX design is at a serious disadvantage.

Fortunately, this is where our agency comes in!

The benefits of employing a professional UI/UX design company

 1. Yes, a good UI/UX design helps you increase your sales!

No matter what kind of business you run, increasing sales and growing your business is sure to be one of your primary goals. Well, the good news is that UI/UX development plays a vital role in helping you achieve just that!

A good UI/UX design improves overall customer satisfaction, which will not only increase the number of users: it will also motivate them more to choose to pay for your products or services.

Leave your user experience development to Dog and Pony and watch as your sales increase!

 2. Win the trust of new customers!

Because of the technological advances of the 21st century and the overwhelming number of other options available, the average attention span of consumers has become much shorter. This essentially means that you don’t have a lot of time to convince them that you are indeed what they are looking for. Which is exactly why you must make the perfect first impression to all newcomers.

In short, we will make sure that when your potential customers find your website, they will like what they see!

UI UX design agency services Budapest

3. It helps a great deal with brand value

Since UI/UX design is closely linked with customer satisfaction, more satisfied customers also mean building your brand value and the image of your business. It is essential for any and all businesses: the first impression a customer will get out of your website is vital, and if potential customers aren’t satisfied with that they see, they will be quick to move to other options.

All in all, UI/UX design can make or break the brand recognition of your business. Work with Dog and Pony, and we’ll make sure they remember your name!

 4. It facilitates the customers’ journey

One of the main benefits (and goals) of good UI/UX development, is to make it easier for your customers to navigate through your website, find what they are looking for, and guide them towards contacting you or making use of your services.

At Dog and Pony’s full-service UI/UX agency, we’ll create stunning visual designs and user-friendly structures to make sure your customers go where they need to go!


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The UI/UX services you can expect from our company

Here’s a little sneak peak at the UI/UX services you can expect from our agency!

1. Information architecture – ensuring easy navigation

This will be your website’s information structure. We will make use of different permutations and combinations to create a structure and menu that will allow your users to navigate easily and quickly on your website.

It doesn’t matter what platform or web browser they will be using: after we’re done, your potential customers will be navigating on your site like a knife through butter!

2. Interaction design – anything that can be interacted with!

Dog and Pony’s UI/UX agency will create an interactive design that will fit your brand like a glove and make it easy for your users to know more about your products or services.

This means we’ll be a handling a huge number of elements: colors, icons, fonts, images, space, and sometimes even sound!

UI UX design agency services Hungary

 3. Usability – making your website user-friendly

The purpose of this step is very simple: no matter what elements can be found on your website, we will make sure that interacting and understanding them is child’s play!

 4. Wireframing – testing your website

Before your site or application goes live, we will always create a prototype to make sure everything works like it should. This is a very simple, but necessary step to make sure we can do quality work for you.

 5. Visual Design

One of the most important element of UI design. We will create a stunning visual interface that perfectly represents your brand, and makes it easier for consumers to identify with your business!

In a nutshell, you need UI and UX development because they have become a basic requirement: everybody is looking for the best available option, without having to spend too much of their precious time.

The same applies to all websites and applications: the fastest and more efficient platforms win the consumers’ heart (and purchases).

Contact our UI/UX design company so we can start working on shaping your website/application into a fast, attractive platform that your target audience will love!


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Typical questions related to our services


A UI/UX design agency employs graphic and UI/UX designers, as well as marketing and SEO experts that all work together to create optimized websites, applications, or other business oriented softwares for other companies. Hiring a professional agency has many benefits, since not only will you have access to the know-how of a battle-tested team, but you can be sure that your website will be updated with the latest tools, and that your investment will pay off in the long term.


UI/UX design covers a lot of tasks, which are part of two main phases: research, and the actual user interface and user experience-related work. These can be summarized in 8 main steps:
1. Brief from the client
2. Defining user personas
3. Sketching the layout of the website
4. Visualization
5. Slicing
6. Wireframing and testing


UI/UX design is directly related to improving customer satisfaction by making your website as attractive and easy to use as possible. An excellent UI/UX design will earn you the trust of your target audience and will lead to more people visiting your site more often. This will also make it easier for you to get positive word of mouth, as well as more customers, if you make it easy for them to find information about your products and complete their transaction.


While both elements are closely connected to each other and are vital to a company’s website or application, UI and UX design are not the same thing. UI stands for user interface, and is responsible for all visual elements, including the colors and shapes used on the site. On the other hand, UX stands for user experience, and represents any and all interactions a user may have with the website, from a simple click to making an actual purchase. Basically, it measures how easy it is for users to accomplish tasks on your website.

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