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Quality social media marketing services in Hungary? That’s what Dog and Pony is here for. Our Budapest-based agency is ready to take on all forms of challenges and help your company build its presence on Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube.

Take a look at our services below and don’t hesitate to contact us: we are more than ready to help you reach your target audience on the most popular social media platforms!

Facebook page management company Budapest Hungary

1. Facebook page management services – not just about reach

Whether you work in the B2C or B2B market, trying to ignore Facebook would almost be like trying to ignore Google: impossible.

Of course you’ll be able to improve your reach and number of followers with the help of our social media agency. But good Facebook page management isn’t just about making numbers grow: it’s also about improving the way your audience engages with your business on the platform.

As we manage a great variety of Facebook pages for companies coming from very different industries, you can also count on Dog and Pony being able to learn the “language” of your target audience, as well as how to best represent your brand’s values.

This means we will be supporting you with our vast experience as a professional social media agency in Budapest. Creative content, as well as quick and relevant responses to your target audience can all lead to an increase of conversions, which in turn contributes to your return on investment!

2. Facebook advertising – we know how to target your audience

With Facebook undeniably large presence among social media platforms, and the number of users online, it’s no surprise you can find so many companies advertising their services on the social network.

With Dog and Pony’s help, we will not only help you keep up with your competitors’ Facebook campaigns, we will also provide you with a whole variety of ways to target and reach your potential customers with sniper-like precision. Demographics, interests, location, job title…there are practically limitless options for us to help you succeed with Facebook advertising in Hungary.

This means we can target the types of people that have the most potential to convert into your customers, and save you both time and money by leaving irrelevant targeting out of the equation. We’ll also be using different kinds of ads depending on your current goal: you can count on us creating the most suitable campaigns for you!

Facebook PPC advertising company Budapest Hungary

3. Instagram advertising – let our Budapest-based agency deal with visual content

Sharing content that is both relevant AND attractive to Instagram users is just as much of an advertising challenge in Hungary as it is in other countries.

Of course, with Dog and Pony’s help, your business will be much more able to keep up with the more modern and demanding trends of the 21st century that require more and more dynamic and visual ads, like short videos and GIFs. We can help you reach and maintain that point where your brand is sophisticated, but catchy as well.

With the support of our Instagram advertising services in Hungary, our Budapest-based agency will create impactful content that will increase the brand awareness of your business, bring you more leads, and even drive your sales!

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4. YouTube advertising – our agency in Hungary can handle the complete process

YouTube is regarded by many as the new alternative to television. It can be a lot more affordable, and highly effective with its many targeting options among the numerous users of this video-centered social media platform.

With our YouTube advertising services in Hungary, you will be able to reach your most relevant customers, drive the sales of your business, and even trust Dog and Pony with shooting and editing the videos themselves. What’s more, you only have to pay for “truly effective” ads: if a viewer doesn’t watch at least half a minute of your ad, or doesn’t interact with it at all, it won’t cost you a thing.

Furthermore, even if this is the case, our YouTube marketing agency in Budapest can still help you build your brand awareness by exposing your name to a huge amount of viewers.

Facebook PPC advertising agency Budapest Hungary

5. Social listening and media monitoring – access a heap of valuable information

What if we told you there’s a quite straightforward and cost-effective way to test the efficiency of your communication strategy? With our social media listening and brand monitoring services in Budapest, you’ll be able to know where your business stands within the ranks of your target audience.

Not only will you be able to access a load of relevant information about your consumers, but you can also get an insight inside your competitors’ activity, and make easier, informed decisions for the future of your business activities.

Our social media agency in Budapest is ready to show you exactly how your message resonates with your followers!


Ready to make your social media marketing efforts in Hungary profitable? With Dog and Pony’s help, you’ll be sure to make an impact on your target audience!

Contact us today, and we’ll get started right away on helping you take the road to success on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

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Typical questions related to our services


Apart from taking an extensive look at their website and seeing what kind of work they’ve done before, you also need to ask the right questions. What kind of information or content do they need from you to be able to start working? How do they measure the success of a social media campaign? What kind of fixed or monthly costs can you expects? Initial consultations like this are important to lay the basis for effective short and long-term social media marketing!


First and foremost, you will be saving both time and money, since you won’t have to handle your social media marketing activities yourself and won’t need to pay a full-time salary to an inhouse team. This will also allow you to focus your resources on your main business activities. Not to mention you’ll have access to the experience and expertise of a professional online advertising agency who deals with social media marketing for a living!


There are many benefits to social media marketing, such as validating your brand, increasing customer loyalty, access to immediate consumer feedback, increased website traffic, and more. It can however be quite complex as well and might even backfire when not used correctly. Due to the time and know-how required to handle social media marketing effectively, many businesses outsource it to a digital advertising agency.


Essentially, a social media agency creates social media content for other businesses based on elements like upcoming events, blog posts, product videos, promotions, and more. More importantly, a social media agency knows how to put its online advertising know-how to use, by finding the best possible targeting options, timing, content presentation, and many other elements that help a business connect with its target audience.

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