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Are you thinking about boosting your video marketing activities in Hungary? Our agency in Budapest will help you create an amazing video spot or short film for your company from scratch: just leave your promotional video needs to Dog and Pony!

The effectiveness of video marketing: why is it so important for your business?

Whether you have marketing goals in Hungary or elsewhere, video content marketing has become one of the best methods to reach out to both your potential and existing customers. By working with Dog and Pony, you’ll see that promo videos are in a whole different league when it comes to engaging your target audience.

Here are just a few reasons why your business could benefit by working with our professional video content marketing agency in Hungary:

Video marketing production agency Budapest

1. A powerful weapon for starting conversations

Starting conversations among the members of your target audience or even your social media followers is one of the biggest challenges of modern digital marketing. This is especially true if your business doesn’t have much brand awareness, but creating engaging content is always a demanding process.

Of course, with the right promotional video at your disposal, it can be a lot easier to overcome this. People are a lot more susceptible to audiovisual cues than they are to plain text, and are much more likely to respond and react to your content.

Why this works for you? Not only do you motivate your target audience to learn more about your business and what you sell, but you’ll also have to a lot of information about what they think about you!

2. Showing the “human” side of your brand

Seeing as how people are a lot more receptive to videos, Dog and Pony will also get you a great chance to humanize your brand. A good promotional video is basically a good story. The advantages over plain text and “simple” pictures is clear: by seeing and hearing actual humans next to your brand, your target audience will finally be able to put a face to your services or products.

This can result in a greater engagement with your brand, an increased rate of social sharing, awareness, and even sales!

Video marketing production agency Hungary

3. Having the WOW-factor on your side

Since video spots have a lot more chance at impressing your potential and existing customers, if they are done like they should be done, they will also have a much higher retention rate. This also means that you’ll be able to reach “lazier” customers who in other cases wouldn’t even bother with other forms of promotion.

Our content marketing agency in Hungary will make sure that your promo video has that little extra that grabs the attention of your target audience!


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The services of our video content marketing agency in Budapest – Dog and Pony is more than ready

1. Providing you with a great set piece

Budapest is one of the best places to shoot your new promo video: whether you would like to use the material in Hungary, regionally or internationally, it doesn’t matter. Our marketing agency will create a memorable promo video for your company that you will be proud to distribute in the media.

2. Sit back: we can take care of this

Dog and Pony can handle every step of the process of conceiving great video marketing, from start to finish. By time we’re done, you’ll just have to press play! This includes:

• creating the concept,

• writing the script,

• drawing a storyboard,

• casting,

• and of course shooting the video itself.

Oh and don’t worry about editing raw footage. You can just sit back and relax while our video marketing agency takes care of everything!

Video marketing production agency Budapest Hungary

3. It’s not just about pushing play – distribution and execution

Creating great marketing materials always put a smile on our face, but you should know that having a great promo video isn’t enough by itself: you also need a well-developed video marketing strategy to be able to use it with high efficiency. Not to worry: Dog and Pony can help you with video distribution in Hungary and internationally as well!

Nowadays most companies dwell into the world of social media, but they may run into obstacles when communicating content that they never would have thought of. You can’t just publish a video on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and wait for the magic to happen.

That’s where Dog and Pony comes in: our video marketing agency in Budapest will communicate your content in a way that will resonate with your followers.


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