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Link building services in Budapest

Building high-quality links for your website is an essential part of professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps your business get a better ranking from Google. Dog and Pony is ready to find the most relevant, high-quality sites in order to build your website’s backlinks in Hungary!

Link building services Budapest Hungary

The goal of link building is to get a better ranking by building more referral links to your website. For professional and effective link building it is not enough to get as much referral links as possible, because Google focuses not only the quantity of the links, but the quality as well.

This is where our link building agency comes in, by building high-quality referral links to your website in order to develop your business’s SEO marketing in Budapest.


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Why link building is important to your brand’s SEO marketing

Search engine optimization is essential in keeping your business alive and well in the long run. Period. When it comes to getting consistently high-quality leads, nothing comes close to it.

Since link building plays a vital part in all modern examples of an effective SEO marketing, our agency cannot stress enough how important it is not to miss out on the benefits you can get from high-quality referral links.

Still not convinced your business needs link building? Here are just a few of the ways your business can grow, should you choose to work with our agency in Budapest:

1. Building your brand – show off your expertise!

Professional link building is a good way to help establish your brand’s authority among your target audience. Our agency will use methods such as content creation to show off the expertise of your business, which will greatly contribute in building up your brand’s recognition.

For example, if we create an article that pertains to your brand and contains relevant information about the industry you work in, there’s a great chance you could become more recognized for it. Still, whatever method our link building agency employs, it will help in getting you more credibility within the industry and among your followers.

Not to mention this is also an ideal way to indirectly promote your products or services!

Link building company Budapest Hungary

2. Building relationships – find the allies of your brand!

In order to build your links, we will reach out to other businesses as well. While the main goal here is to improve your referral links, there are other benefits you can get from such interactions.

Even without the technical benefits of link building, our agency will essentially find new supporters of your brand, which will only help more for your brand to be recognized and trusted: both among others member of the industry, and the people who follow the contents of the websites containing your backlinks.

It will be Dog and Pony’s job to find the most suitable and highly regarded websites who will become the indirect promoters of your business!

3. Increasing referral traffic – get more quality leads!

One of the most important benefits you can get from SEO marketing is improved visibility. As it happens, our agency is happy to announce that link building is one of the best SEO techniques to increase your ranking in Google’s search engine results!

By building you strong links, Dog and Pony will improve the traffic of your website as well as your ranking. Here comes the best part: these both play an important role in increasing your sales!

More traffic and a higher ranking means more organic leads, and since these will be people who are already interested in the topic of your business, they can convert much more easily into customers. If we link your site to a page that is often visited by your target audience, you can even expect long-term benefits!


The process of our link building services – what you can expect from our agency

1. Thorough research and analysis

First, we start with a comprehensive research in order to find the most relevant and highly scored sites in the topic. There are several dimensions analyzed by the Google algorithm that need to be considered in order to accomplish an effective result.

The service provided by our SEO experts contains professional link building in Hungary, meaning we only build high quality referral links, which generate a higher organic traffic to your site.

2. Writing SEO articles with relevant referral links

Our copywriters will write the content for the articles that contain the “do-follow” link to your site. If the article is ready, we get in contact with the most relevant sites, and manage the placement of the link. 

It is important to note that in the case of a SEO article, the actual placement is not that important (the do-follow link itself is far more essential), so it can be done at a lower price than the general PR article.

3. Letting you reap the benefits of an increased traffic

The high-quality referral links will significantly increase your website’s organic traffic, which will ensure that your business performs splendidly online!

Ready to get some quality backlinks in Hungary? Leave to our link building agency and enjoy the benefits of quality SEO marketing!

Link building agency Budapest Hungary


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Typical questions related to our services


Ask the right questions: what kind and how much experience do they have with link building? How much will it cost you? What kind of strategy can they propose to help you? Also make sure to ask if they can show you previous examples where they have assisted other businesses with link building services, and what industries they have experience with!


Outsourcing your company’s search marketing efforts is about making a long-term investment: one that is most likely to pay off. Not only will you be getting help from an SEO link building agency that has built up years of expertise in the subject, you won’t need to take away your staff from their usual tasks. Not to mention you won’t need to pay full-time for an in-house team this way!


That’s a definite yes! Quality backlinks are one of the best ways to generate more website traffic, build credibility for your brand, and of course, rank higher in organic search engine results. So if you decide to hire an SEO agency, make sure to check if link building is part of their strategy!


Link building is essentially a process where you acquire hyperlinks from other websites that will lead users to your company’s own website. It is a major factor in SEO, and plays a large role in how Google ranks your business’s site. Without the right experience and contacts, it can be extremely difficult to do on your own, which is why many companies choose to hire an SEO link building agency instead.

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