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Youtube advertising in Hungary

Is YouTube the new TV? Advertising on YouTube gives an effective and affordable alternative to TV commercials. The platform offers several opportunities for advertisers such as displaying ads or TrueView videos: In-stream ads and Discovery ads. The main advantages of YouTube ads compared to TV commercials are cheaper costs and more sophisticated targeting options, which result in more effective campaigns and a higher ROI.

Target only the most valuable customers of your business and generate sales by using YouTube marketing in Hungary! You are only charged if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds from the advertisement or if they interact with your ad. So, if they skip your ad video in less than 30 seconds, you don’t have to pay anything at all! And even if the viewers skip your video, it still ensures your brand awareness by reaching the targeted customers.

YouTube advertising agency Budapest Hungary

We are ready to manage your YouTube advertising in Hungary! Our team will give you a full service which provides you with every solution needed for advertising on YouTube: from video production and strategy to ad management, as well as the measurement and optimization of the campaigns.

Advertising on YouTube is an ideal, cost-effective way for companies to generate sales: by using promotions and reaching your target audience, you can increase your brand awareness. If you are thinking about advertising your business on YouTube, our YouTube marketing agency is ready to produce catchy, attractive videos that convey great messages through the professional YouTube Campaigns we can manage for You.


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Advertising on YouTube – why wouldn’t you?

YouTube has become one of the largest video platforms with plenty of interesting and entertaining content generated by the users. It gives a unique, innovative, and effective advertising opportunity for those companies who would like to extend their online marketing strategy.

Web users expect more than just an image or text nowadays. The combination of our digital marketing experts and designers provides professional video production, that implements your marketing goals and is optimized for your target audience. At Dog and Pony, we create custom YouTube advertising campaigns that help you in order to reach (only) those who care about your products and/or services. Our YouTube PPC specialists develop different campaigns for A/B testing and optimize them continuously, in order to improve the performance of the ads.

YouTube advertising Budapest Hungary

1. Targeting opportunities

Advertising on YouTube gives you the ability to target specific types of groups by location, demographic, behaviors, and interests. The targeted audience can be determined precisely, so you only pay for reaching the right people!

2. Retargeting

Retargeting is a highly effective method of online marketing. Google’s YouTube platform gives you the opportunity to retarget those visitors who had already been on your website, with the product or service they are interested in.

3. Low advertising cost

YouTube advertisements are highly cost-efficient! It’s simple: if a user skips your YouTube video ad, you don’t have to pay. Also, just because someone skips your ad after 5 seconds doesn’t mean that you missed the opportunity to reach the user: you just have to make those 5 seconds count!


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What is YouTube advertising good for? Well, a lot!

1. Driving website visits

Using well-targeted YouTube advertisements gives you the opportunity to drive relevant traffic to your website.

2. Increasing leads and sales

Conversion rate optimized YouTube advertising campaigns help in lead generation and in getting new customers…which will also increase your sales!

3. Branding

YouTube is an ideal platform for branding. Reach your potential customers with YouTube video ads and increase the awareness of your brand!

YouTube advertising company Budapest Hungary

Our YouTube advertising Agency services ❤️ – let’s get that camera rolling!

1. YouTube Ads campaign management

As an online marketing agency, we are experienced in developing, testing and optimizing professional YouTube ad campaigns. We believe that a successful YouTube campaign starts with the precise determination and the targeting of the audience.

Let’s create and manage efficient YouTube video ads!

2. Video creation

Our creative team is prepared to create and edit any kind of video ad. We will implement the key message of your campaign into the scenes and deliver it to your target audience. Do you need a short branding video or a new product introduction? Our designers will create a high-quality animated video optimized for YouTube advertising.

Let’s create video ads that work!

3. Video shooting and editing

The most effective and valuable advertisement format is undoubtedly video. Our team of designers will create the concept and write the storyboard of the advertisement. We are prepared with all the professional tools in order to create a high-quality short film that you can use not only on YouTube, but also on any other channel like Facebook, TV and more!

Let’s shoot something awesome!

4. Goal-oriented YouTube reports

We measure all indicators to see in detail the performance of a YouTube video ad. Our online marketing agency prepares clear and transparent campaign reports that help our clients to understand the video ad performance details.

Let’s improve your business by translating the numbers into actions!


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Apart from helping you out with the technical details and saving you both time and money, a YouTube ad agency will have the definite benefit of being objective about your business, and seeing more clearly which direction your company should take. Apart from consultation and campaign services, the right marketing agency can also help your company through the complete video creation process, including casting and editing!


There are many potential benefits of advertising on YouTube. With an extensive amount of features, this social media platform could be the ideal channel for launching new products or promoting existing ones, perfect your brand image, drive customer engagement, provide a strong basis for positive word of mouth, and of course, drive your sales through an increased traffic to your website. It is also an excellent tool to monitor feedback about your company and learn more about your consumers!


Compared to TV ads, advertising on YouTube can not only be much more effective thanks to more sophisticated targeting options that allow you to pinpoint the best possible timing and placement of your ads, but also more cost-effective. The main reason behind this is that even if you hire a professional YouTube ad agency for your campaigns, if viewers do not watch at least 30 seconds of your video, you need not pay. Not to mention you will still be able to grow your brand awareness!


Apart from allowing you to target viewers with a multitude of options, YouTube also provides businesses with many options to target certain channels with your ads, and even specific videos. With the right research about what kind of content your consumers watch most on YouTube, you will be able to target popular videos that will be seen by a relevant audience, and bring you better leads. Still, with so many targeting options that need to be set right, many companies choose to hire an ad agency.

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