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Website development ➡️ in Hungary

Developing a website belongs to the “must have” category for every kind of business these days. We are ready to build up a professional website for your business providing a logical web structure and a unique website design in Hungary!

 Our team is prepared to use the most recent technical solutions of website development in order to create an attractive site for you in Hungary. If you are thinking about building an up to date online presence for your business, one of the most important drivers of success is to have a great website.

The quality of a website is mostly determined by its user interface and design. Nowadays everybody is in a rush, we all know that users are incredibly impatient. They would like to find what they are looking for as soon as possible, so if they waste their time because of slow loading times, an unclear site structure, or a bad website design, they are more likely to bounce back from your website.

Website development Budapest

The usability of a website is an important driver of conversions, which is exactly why we create clean website structures with professional website designs that provide great user experience for all your visitors. Nowadays, it is essential to own a responsive website, which can provide the same performance and experience for the users on every device. Our web developers are ready to create an effective website for your business in Hungary, which will enhance your ROI regardless of what device it appears on (desktop, mobile, etc.).

Our designers will take a modern, professional approach in order to make your site attractive for your visitors. As for the great user experience of the site, it will be provided by building a suitable and effective web structure according to your business activity.

Our web design and development specialties – we like to think about every aspect

1. SEO friendly web design

The combination of the work of SEO experts and web developers gives us the opportunity to build a webpage which is already Google-friendly. The roots of a new webpage could be critical from an SEO point of view. It is necessary to follow the rules of SEO in the beginning of the web development process, because the changes of those site cornerstones could require a lot of work in the future. 

Get free organic traffic by developing an SEO-friendly website!

2. Responsive – mobile-friendly

The websites developed by us are 100% responsive: the design looks excellent and operates perfectly on any screen size. It does not matter if the user is on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We guarantee that the site will work properly on any device and it will satisfy the visitor’s needs!

Be excellent on any size of device!

Website development Budapest Hungary

3. User interface and experience 

At Dog and Pony, we offer UI and UX design to help the visitors of your website to navigate as easily as possible, find what they need, and convert. UX / UI optimization has a high impact on the conversion rate of a site, as it allows your site to be easier to use while also creating a better website aesthetics.

Own a site which is easy to use!

4. WordPress web design

WordPress is one of the most widely used website platforms with an especially user-friendly admin surface. Our team of WordPress designers and developers create customized sites for any kind of business. The WordPress sites developed by us are fast, responsive, SEO-friendly, with a unique and customized design.


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5. Optimized speed

The loading speed of a website is one of the most significant ranking factors that Google takes into consideration. The speed of a site is a highly important factor not only because of SEO purposes, but it has a high impact on user experience as well: a slow webpage increases the bounce rate of the visitors.

6. Modern coding

Our developers are always up to date about the new coding trends, we work only with the most innovative coding techniques employing the current coding practices like CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap. The websites developed by us are built by innovative coding practices that guarantee compatibility a longevity.

7. Graphic design

Our designer team creates customized website plans before the development process, so our clients can see the website design and give feedback in the beginning of the project.  After the approval of the plan of the creative website design our developers will bring the website to life!

8. Webshop development

We create automatized and innovative webshops. Our developers are prepared to implement any webshop engine and payment method to your site, creating a webshop that works properly in the long term for your business.

Website development Hungary

Our website development services – we’ll handle everything!

1. Website design and development

Tell us your dream about the perfect website that would fit your business, and our designers will make your imagination come true! Our online marketing experts will help you in the planning process: they will create an ideal (Google and user-friendly) structure for your site, and they will also collect and show the required modules, functions, and sections. If the specification and the design of the website is ready, our developers will bring it live online.

2. Website maintenance

We take care of every website we developed! We will do the plugin updates, the installation of the newest version of WordPress, the text or photo changes. Even if you widen your services and a new landing page is needed for new services or products, we will help you in the design and development. No matter what kind of issues arise regarding your website, we are pleased to help as soon as possible!

3. WordPress admin tutorial

Get the basics of WordPress and be fully prepared to edit the content of your website! We create customized WordPress tutorial documents for all of our clients, which help them to create all the basic content changes on their own. We also provide a short training online where one of our account managers goes through the document, and shows all the functions necessary for content editing!


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Typical questions related to our services


A web development company is not only responsible for building your website: it’s also there to make sure it works properly and helps you grow your business. A truly professional web development agency is also versed in SEO and has the resources to handle all necessary stages and improvements, including coding as well as UI/UX development. A digital marketing agency can also help you by planning and creating relevant content for your site.


Having a website alone isn’t enough: the online presence of your company needs to optimized. This includes SEO (search engine optimization), publishing relevant content and updating it regularly, using alt tags, and other onsite and technical features. This not only helps drive relevant traffic to your website, but makes it easier for users to complete their “customer journey”: filling out contact form, and of course, paying for your products and services.


The website development process can be summarized in 8 main steps:
1. Initial meetings, gathering information
2. Planning and consulting with the client
3. Implementing design elements
4. Content creation and assembly of the site
5. Coding
6. Testing and final adjustments
7. Launching the live website
8. Post-launch maintenance


Website development covers all tasks that are related to building and maintaining a website. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in order to make sure the site is working properly, loads fast enough, looks attractive, and provides a great user experience for visitors. Corporate website development is also part of your business’s image, and should contain relevant information about your company, as well as the products and services you provide.

Other Web development and UI/UX design services

Our web design and development will be the elevator to your goals!

Webshop development

Conversion optimization

UX design


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© 2014-2020 All Rights Reserved,
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© 2014-2020 All Rights Reserved,
Dog and Pony marketing agency

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