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Instagram marketing agency in Budapest

Improve your brand awareness and increase the number of your customers by sharing visual content about your business on Instagram, which is one of the biggest visual social network platforms nowadays. Our Instagram agency in Budapest helps you reach your business goals by sharing attractive and relevant visual content to your target audience usingInstagram. Advertising in Hungaryis constantly changing: there are more dynamic ads on the web like videos and GIFs, and therefore the online appearance of brands have to be more and more sophisticated and catchy at the same time.

A professional management of Instagram advertising gives you the possibility to utilize an effective platform supplemented by the brand communication of your company.

Our Instagram marketing agency in Hungary is ready to help you create, manage, and measure the Instagram advertising campaigns of your business. We will help you create images and videos about your story and share it with the most relevant audience targeted for your business.

Instagram advertising company Budapest Hungary

It is important to note that Instagram advertising is an effective marketing tool which is not only useful for branding: it can increase the traffic of your website as well.

A professional Instagram management helps you to use Instagram as an extremely efficient advertising tool which can drive your conversions with a low spending. Using Instagram campaigns will boost the traffic of your site, contributing to the number of your conversions, not to mention that it also helps you increase your business’s brand awareness.


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Advertising on Instagram is like advertising on Facebook: you shouldn’t miss out!

Advertising on Instagram offers a great potential and major benefits for those businesses that would like to increase their sales or brand awareness online, but it is also ideal for those who would like to make their audience engage by sharing stories about their company.

Instagram offers the same targeting opportunities as Facebook. This means advertisers can target their audience so precisely, that they can create highly effective campaigns on that platform.

Instagram advertising agency Budapest Hungary

Dog and Pony: YOUR Instagram marketing agency!

At Dog and Pony, we devote a great amount of attention to understand the aims and objectives of our clients, their competitors, and target audience. We only create Instagram advertising strategies based on: your target audience, the strategy of your competitors and on previous advertising data (if available).

Our experienced team of Instagram specialists is ready to build an exciting customer journey to your target audience in order to achieve your goals! Whether you would like to get more leads, drive your sales or just increase your brand awareness on Instagram, you can count on Dog and Pony!


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Enjoy all these benefits from our Instagram advertising services!

1. Increased Brand awareness

Reach your audience and increase the awareness of your brand generating more customers for your business by developing efficient Instagram campaigns!

Our team of social media experts will help you to create a professional appearance for your business on Instagram: we will tell the story of your brand to the right people at the right time!

2. Increased lead generation

Generate leads driving relevant traffic to your website with well-targeted advertising on Instagram!

At Dog and Pony, we believe that it is not only the volume, but the quality of the visitors that counts. We will drive valuable traffic to your site by developing well-optimized campaigns on Instagram!

3. Increased sales

Increase your sales using Instagram advertisements! This social media platform is also an effective tool for increasing the number of your sales.

We will increase the number of your conversions by creating efficient, conversion rate optimized campaigns, and implementing Instagram remarketing solutions to your online strategy.

Instagram advertising services Budapest Hungary

Our Instagram marketing services – the work we’ll do for you!

1. Instagram ads campaign management

Our experienced team of social media specialists will provide you with a comprehensive and professional Instagram campaign management service from ad audience creation through the A/B testing and optimization process, to the final reporting.

2. Instagram Ad design

Our team of designers will create awesome content: photos, carousel ads, videos, and more! All the while implementing the corporate design of your business in order to make a professional appearance on Instagram for your company. 

3. Instagram Ad copywriting

At Dog and Pony the title of every single advert is written by experienced copywriters. We usually create more than one title for each ad in order to A/B test them. We create call to actions that work!

4. Goal oriented Instagram reports

Our online marketing experts create clear and result-oriented monthly reports, that helps in involving our clients in our data driven decision making. Don’t worry: we will help you translate the numbers you see into decisions!


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While every company can try their luck by handling their Instagram account by themselves, there is a reason why many businesses choose to outsource it to a professional advertising agency instead. Essentially, you can expect a much better return on your investment, since hiring the right marketing company can be both more cost-effective than inhouse team, and lead to better results thanks to the know-how and experience of a team that creates Instagram campaigns for a living.


In a nutshell, an Instagram advertising agency helps other businesses in creating, managing, and optimizing Instagram campaigns. Of course, the services and responsibilities of an Instagram ad agency do not stop there: they also create reports about ad performance to provide companies with valuable input for future strategies, and can even be hired to explore the possibilities of influencer marketing on the platform.


Instagram advertising can definitely be effective for your business, but since doing it right can take so much time and effort even with the necessary know-how, there are a lot of companies who choose to outsource it to ad agencies instead. The benefits of an effective Instagram marketing strategy includes an increased brand awareness from your users, better brand recall with the right visual content, and even more positive word of mouth and customer satisfaction.


Advertising on Instagram can be just as much of a great opportunity for your business as advertising on Facebook. With a huge user base even in Hungary, companies should definitely try and make the most out of this social media platform. You can create effective campaigns for your target audience at all stages of the consumer funnel with the same sophisticated targeting options, and drive even more engagement from your users by creating content that they will find visually appealing.

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