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Press Release distribution service in Budapest

Has something major happened in the life of your business? Are you looking for the best way to make a big announcement and share the news with your target audience? Then a press release is one of the best ways to make your company appear in the mass media, and reach your potential customers using valuable and informative articles.

Dog and Pony provides professional press release services in Hungary in order to bring the news about your business to editorial offices of the biggest news sites!

Press release distribution services Budapest

The benefits of working with our press release service company in Hungary

There are many advantages that prove why sending out press releases are still important and effective today. Here just a few examples:

1. Improving your brand image with PR-worthy news

2. Instant and wide distribution through online papers

3. Announcing new products or services, and indirectly helping their sale

4. The possibility of your news becoming viral

5. Enhancing your company’s SEO (search engine optimization) efforts with quality content that is optimized for your most relevant keywords

The press release distribution services of our agency in Budapest

Like we’ve said before, writing a professional press release and sending it to the right media outlet gives your company the opportunity to reach many people using an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool. Our PR manager in Budapest controls the whole process of the press release: from the research prior to the article editing all the way to the monitoring of the media.

Our professional press release service consists of many different elements that come together to ensure that we provide you with results you can be proud of:

1. How we create quality articles

In order to create content that is both worthy of your brand and being published on prestigious platforms, our online PR agency in Budapest always supports our copywriters with an extensive research regarding the industry you work in.

During this preliminary phase our specialists collect all the most relevant facts and data which are related to the topic of the main message of your press release. This way Dog and Pony can ensure the credibility of your message, and its relevance within your industry. Not to mention this will all reflect on how your target audience views your brand!

Press release distribution Budapest

2. Writing the press release – representing your values at their best

The quality of the article that serves as the core of your press release is naturally a crucial one. Dog and Pony’s professional copywriters will provide valuable content for the press release to ensure that each reader and publisher associates the same quality with your brand as well.

If your core message is newsworthy, we will provide you with the content and tone that will emphasize it in a credible way to your target audience, as well as provide incentive for news sites to publish your press release.

At Dog and Pony, we always like to create win-win scenarios: a sophisticated press release will serve the needs of your business, your target audience, and even the editorial offices, since we’ll be giving them newsworthy content they can publish right away!


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3. Supporting the press release with creative infographics

An elaborate press release containing relevant data definitely performs better than a common article. Our PR agency in Budapest will take this one step further, by creating our own illustrations and infographics for the pieces of data that are the most relevant to your core message.

This is not just a great way to ensure the “wow-factor” of the press release: it will help readers and publishers alike, since the information presented in the article will be structured in a way that makes it easy to read and remember. Not to mention it will have a clear edge over other articles that just throw one number after the other.

4. Contacting news sites that will publish your press release

Finding the right publishers is a practically insurmountable challenge for those who have no contacts to the bigger media offices. Thankfully, Dog and Pony has a wide network in the industry thanks to our previous campaigns of PR marketing in Hungary.

Our specialists will not only make sure you get published on the most relevant news sites in Hungary, but will make it their mission to find other online journals as well: if your message can benefit from it even more, you can be sure we will do the work!

Press release distribution Budapest Hungary

5. Monitoring the presence of your press release in the media

While the PR professionals of our agency in Hungary work their way through Dog and Pony’s extensive contact list, we will also be monitoring the presence of your press release by tracking each and every site that has already published it. You will of course receive a clear report about this progress, so that you can see for yourself how many publishers have already made your press release public!

In summary, the secret to Dog and Pony’s successful press releases are the precisely edited content and the distribution of the article provided by the network we have built up over the years as an agency.

If you have news to share about your business, then let’s not waste any time and get to work as soon as possible!


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Typical questions related to our services


A professional press release distribution company can handle the complete PR process, from start to finish. This includes the initial research of the subject, finding and contacting appropriate contacts, writing the press release, creating eye-catching infographics about the data relevant to the subject, keeping up with new releases, and providing you with the final report about your press release.


One of the advantages of a press release is that it has the potential to become “viral” and be distributed in mass via several different news outlets. This can be quite a time-consuming process, as one has to track down many different press contacts one by one, sort out the relevant ones and make a convincing enough request for the press release to be published online. Press release distribution companies already have their own network of contacts and are more adept at finding you new ones as well.


As a press release is part of a company’s PR efforts, it cannot be seen as direct advertising. An effective press release can touch on the subject of a company’s product or service, but only if the current timing supports it, and there is enough relevant context surrounding the product or service’s advantages. A professional press release distribution company will be able to tell you if the timing of your news has the potential to be an effective press release.


A press release is essentially a form of PR communication: it is a written document that serves as an official announcement about something newsworthy that has happened in a company’s life. It can be used to provide information about a recent event, or indirectly announce the arrival of a new product or service. It differs from the average PR article by usually being longer, having the potential to be published in several media outlets, and containing relevant statistics and research results from the industry the company works in.

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