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An in-store product sampling company can provide you with a powerful marketing strategy. But how can a business benefit from it, and what services can you expect if you outsource it to an advertising agency? These are the questions we will discuss in detail in Dog and Pony’s next article!

What is a product sampling company?

In a nutshell, product sampling is about giving free samples of your business’s products to potential consumers. Of course, this is just scratching at the surface: if it were only about giving away free stuff, no one would consider hiring a product sampling company. There needs to be a highly sophisticated marketing strategy behind the whole process, and this is where Dog and Pony’s product sampling agency comes into the picture.

As such, we will show you that product sampling can have many uses, such as the introduction of a new product and establishing its presence on the market, driving brand awareness, and of course, boosting sales. It can be an especially viable promotional strategy to make your business stand out in highly competitive areas like in the FMCG industry where the market is often saturated with similar products.

What kind of product sampling services can I expect from a marketing company?

The work of a professional product sampling company like Dog and Pony will cover two main areas, which are both needed to maximize the effectiveness of this marketing strategy.

1. Onsite cooperation with our in-store product sampling agency

On the one hand, it will require onsite work with members of your own team. This is where the actual sampling takes place, and if needed, our agency can lend an extra helping hand in coordination and execution, like more hosts, supervisors, organization with suppliers and more.

2. Offsite planning of the marketing strategy behind the product sampling

On the other hand, there is a “behind the scenes” factor which plays a key role in the success of product sampling: Dog and Pony agency’s services will also cover offsite strategizing. Since the main goal here is to influence consumers through free product sampling, our company will design the complete process that will cover all activities before, during, and after the promotion.

This includes an extensive research to better understand the psychology of your consumers and what kind of product sampling they would be more receptive to. Other services we offer is the use influencers and marketing campaigns to build up “hype” for your product, and of course the final report summarizing every relevant aspect of the event, the results it brought, and further suggestions and insights for the future.

How do I choose the right product sampling agency?

Apart from doing your own research and checking out their website beforehand, there are different things you need to look out for and clarify to be sure you chose the right product sampling agency for your company.

The kind of areas they have already done work in can already give you insight about whether they have had previous experiences with other companies from the industry you work in.

When contacting them and soliciting a consultation, make sure to give the most information you can about your business, the kind of products you sell, your brand image, etc. The more information you give to the product sampling agency, the better they can do further research for you and provide you with an efficient marketing strategy for your product sampling. Also, do not forget to make sure that you are on the same page about the goals you want to achieve, as some campaigns are better suited for building your brand, and other do better at driving your sales.

In a nutshell: check out what kind of industries they have had experience with on their website, ask the right questions, and clarify your goals ASAP. The better the brief, the better services you can expect from a product sampling agency!

What are the benefits of hiring an in-store product sampling company?

There are many reasons why product sampling in supermarkets and other retail stores works. By choosing Dog and Pony agency, with our marketing campaigns, you will be able to take advantage of all possible benefits related to product sampling for sure. These can include:

1. Increased brand awareness

Giving away free samples can be a very cost-effective way to make a memorable impression on consumers.  Stimulating their senses through taste and smell can be much more effective than traditional marketing channels, and will make them more inclined to spread the word to their friends and family. It’s also a great way to show confidence in your product!

2. Gaining crucial information

For example, if you’re looking to launch a new product, product sampling can be an excellent marketing strategy for testing at a much lower risk, collect immediate feedback from your potential consumers, and make more changes before launching it, if needed.

3. Increased sales

By providing consumers with a free sample of your product, they will be much more inclined to purchase during their future shopping activities if they like it. Since they don’t have to take the risk of buying an unknown product that they might not like anymore, they will be much more confident in choosing your product!

All in all, hiring the right in-store product sampling company can give your business access to a very potent marketing strategy.  If you’d like to rely on the services of our agency, do not hesitate to contact our team: we are eager to show you just how effective product sampling can be for your business!

FAQ – frequently asked questions


Product sampling is also one of the services offered by full-service marketing agencies. The company you hire will help you both with offsite planning and onsite implementation. They can create and optimize social media campaigns, suggest potential influencers, provide you with hostesses, and report on how your product sampling campaign went and what kind of feedback your products received.


Product sampling campaigns actually require careful organization. Think of it as a smaller event: if you want it to be successful, there needs to be enough chatter about it online for more people to come and try your products. This also means choosing the right location and time to give out your products, gathering customer feedback, as well as hiring hostesses and supervisors.


While giving away free samples might sound like a waste, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In a way, it is actually quite a cost-effective advertising method to make a lasting impression on your customers, and such, boost your brand awareness and recall. Apart from branding purposes, it is also a great way to test the launch of a new product and gain crucial early feedback from your consumers. And of course, it can also boost sales from the increased trust consumers have toward your new product!


Product sampling is about giving your potential customers free samples of your product so that they may try it out before committing themselves to any future purchase. It can be used for perishable and non-perishable items alike. With the right marketing strategy and campaign behind it, product sampling can be a very powerful advertising method that can generate a lot of hype for a product and increase the trust they have towards your brand.


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