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Influencer marketing in Hungary

Influencer marketing is booming in Hungary as more and more companies are considering it as a part of their communication strategy. But how exactly can it help your brand grow?

If you want to use the power of influencers as a PR tool, Dog and Pony is here to help you do just that: our online agency in Budapest can’t wait to show you how efficient this marketing method can be!


Influencer marketing Budapest Hungary

We work with different teams within our company to provide you with the best help in areas such as online advertising, creative design, market research and competitor analysis, as well as the latest digital solutions marketing can offer. By soliciting the consulting services of Dog and Pony, you can also expect assistance in choosing and making the best out of the latest marketing tools.

In short, whenever you feel like you lack the necessary time, know-how, or manpower to effectively handle the marketing efforts of your firm in-house, you can count on Dog and Pony being your outside advisor.

Just say the word, and we’re here to help and advise you any way we can!

Why influencer marketing works for your business

1. Reach a greater audience through someone they already like!

With more and more people becoming influencers, your business has a huge opportunity of reaching its target audience with their help. Thanks to their strong social media presence, you can choose to connect with your potential customers through their words.

This basically means that aside from more traditional media outlets like TV, offline and online magazines, and so on, your business will have yet another platform to promote its products or services.
And what a platform it will be! With our agency’s influencer marketing in Hungary, it will be like serving your brand a huge portion of potential customers on a silver platter. In short, we’ll provide you with easy access to a huge amount of people who could already be interested in what you have to offer!

Influencer marketing agency Budapest Hungary

2. Make it even easier for people to trust your brand!

People trust their favorite influencers, maybe even think of them as a friend, who delivered great content to them beforehand. If they stand by a brand or campaign, their audience will most likely resonate with it more, as it is kind of like they heard about it from a “friend”.

It is a well-known fact in marketing that suggestions from family members and friends play a huge role in consumers’ choices, and the same logic applies to influencer marketing: the influencers we’ll choose for you will work as powerful PR representatives, and your brand will only become more credible in the eyes of your target audience.
By making your target audience learn more about your products and services through someone they already like, our online marketing agency will provide you with quality leads that can easily convert into your customers!

3. Learn much more about your target audience!

Another great advantage we can guarantee you with our influencer marketing in Hungary is instant feedback from your potential and existing customers. It is not only faster, but a lot more cost-effective than an extensive market research. You will learn what people really think about products or services: we’ll help you adjust to your customers’ needs so your business can thrive!

In a nutshell, influencer marketing works because it presents everyone with a win-win situation: your brand could reach a wide range of well targeted potential customers, and the influencers themselves can post more content on their social media platforms. Not to mention that your audience will be able to identify with your brand much more easily thanks to Dog and Pony’s influencer campaigns. So, at the end of the day, everyone’s happy!


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The influencer marketing services of our agency in Hungary

1. We’ll choose the most relevant influencers for your business

While influencer marketing certainly holds many opportunities for your business to grow, selecting and managing the right influencers for your marketing campaigns is a lot of work.

This is where our agency comes in. Dog and Pony will select the most suitable influencers for your campaigns, to ensure the most ideal synergy between your brand and the person (or people) representing it. You can count on us for selecting those whose words will carry the most weight among your target audience!

We will also take care of the whole managing process for you: we will manage your marketing campaigns from start to finish, and ensure your influencers promote your brand like it should be done.

Influencer marketing company Budapest Hungary

2. Benefit from our numerous contacts in Hungary!

As a professional online marketing agency in Budapest, we pride ourselves in having a huge network of contacts across the country and providing each of our clients with numerous options to choose from. No matter what kind of industry you work in, you will definitely be able to benefit from our vast roster of influencer marketing partners in Hungary!

3. See the results for yourself in our reports

At Dog and Pony, we like to create marketing that works. Which is why it is important for our agency not just to tell you that influencer marketing can work in Hungary: we would like to show you.
Each digital campaign will be thoroughly measured by our specialists, and you will always receive clear reports that get to the point. This way, you will always be able to easily see the results of our influencer PR marketing efforts, and how your business benefited from them.

This way, you will always be able to count on us to help you make decisions that are not only based on creative concepts, but data-driven as well!


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Typical questions related to our services


An influencer marketing agency provides a wide variety of services to other companies. It will not only help you to identify which influencers and will be the most suitable fit for your brand, and negotiate fair rates on your behalf, but also offer a full strategy that will maximize the success of your campaign on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. A professional agency will know how the market works, and be able to find influencers more easily thanks its extensive network of contacts.


The main metrics that measure the effectiveness of an influencer marketing are the following:
• campaign reach (impressions, followers, traffic)
• campaign engagement and the cost of engagement (likes, clicks, shares, comments)
• generated revenue, return on investment (affiliate links, Google Analytics, promo codes)
By hiring an influencer marketing agency, you will also receive a report that will analyze these metrics, depending on the goal set for your campaign.


If the right influencer is chosen for your brand, and the campaign surrounding it is built on strong foundations, influencer marketing can do wonders for your brand. The reason behind it is quite simple: to the followers of the influencer, hearing about your brand will almost be like hearing the opinion of a close friend whose opinion matters to you. Thus they will be much more inclined to believe in the credibility of your brand as well!


Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that involves the collaboration of a brand with online content creators and key opinion leaders in order to promote products and services. The influencers themselves can be considered as experts or voices that people trust within a certain niche, and who share content with their followers on a regular basis. Influencer marketing is more than someone saying good things about your brand: it is about you forming a connection with your target audience through them.

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