Need the right domain name? The benefits of hiring a marketing company for domain broker services

If you cannot decide on the perfect domain name for your company, or the one you need is already registered by someone else, you can count on the broker services of Dog and Pony. In the next article of our digital marketing agency in Budapest, we will cover all the basics you need to know about this kind of service and decide whether your business needs it or not!

What does a domain broker company do?

Dog and Pony, our full-service digital marketing company also functions as a domain broker company. So, what does this mean exactly? In a nutshell, it means that we buy and sell domain names for third parties. However, there is much more to it under the surface.

A truly good domain broker company’s aim is not to find a buyer at any asking price: our main goal is to reach an agreement that results in a domain sell at fair market value – occasionally more, occasionally less. Do not expect from us to magically find buyers who are willing to overpay for your domain name, but with the help of our broker company, we can help you make a nice profit.

The same applies if you’re looking to buy and not sell: previous domain name owners won’t be interested in selling it at a much lower price than it is worth, but we can definitely help you avoiding overpriced offers and negotiate a fair price.

What is the point of soliciting the domain name services of Dog and Pony?

Our marketing company can represent you both as a buyer broker and a seller broker: Dog and Pony’s domain name services cover both sides of these transactions.

Just like with real estate, buying a house is not an easy process, and requires a lot of steps to be done right, such as extensive research and evaluation. Buying or selling a domain is not different. By hiring a professional domain broker company, you can basically kick back and relax while we do the hard work for you and help you profit from a sale or acquire the right domain.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when choosing the domain name services of Dog and Pony agency:

We have built up an extensive network

Our domain broker company has years of experience behind it, which has also enabled us to build a huge network of our own. We have buyers looking to buy, and sellers looking to sell. We’ll make sure to connect you with the right third party to lead you to a fruitful transaction, and find out who owns the domain name you’re looking for.

Our domain broker services include pricing advice

Thanks to years of experience in the market, Dog and Pony will help you evaluate the price of the domain you are looking to buy or sell. We have our own database of sales date to make grounded decisions, and make sure you don’t accept overpriced offers as a buyer, or help you sell your domain name at a fair price that still allows you to make a nice profit.

We use our negotiating power in the favor of your business

Without the proper negotiation experience and lack of pull in the market, trying to sell or buy a domain on your own can be a difficult process and you may even miss out on seizing great opportunities. With our pull and buying power, we’ll make sure to guide you and avoid bad offers.

We will walk you through the whole domain buying/selling process

You can count on us from the very beginning to the end of the process, including contracts and the transfer of the domain name.

Our domain broker services will also guarantee your complete anonymity

Another great benefit of hiring Dog and Pony’s domain broker company is that you can remain anonymous through the whole transaction, which is particularly important when you’re trying to buy a domain name. With our services, we can help you avoid sellers overpricing their offers because of the size of your company (as they may want more money from bigger businesses), and you can also keep your future business plans secret by not making your search for a particular domain name public.

We can even advise you for the right domain name

We’re also here to support you if you need a plan B: if your main target for a domain name is unavailable, we can offer you consultancy services to help you choose a new (and maybe even better) alternative!

How do I choose the “right” domain name broker for my business?

Before you decide on hiring a certain domain name broker for your company, it is vital that you do some research about them beforehand, review their website, and that you ask the right questions when contacting them.

Make sure to inquire about what kind of clients they worked with beforehand, if they can list you some examples of the domains they’ve handled, what kind of methods they use to market domain names, and of course, what kind of costs you can expect by soliciting their services.

All in all, if you need professional domain name services, our broker company in Hungary is here to cover all your related needs. If you have any further questions, or already have a specific request in mind, do not hesitate to contact us so we can start working together as soon as possible!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions


Domain names aren’t only important from a technical point of view. It also represents the basis of your business’s presence in a huge online marketplace: the right domain name can easily make the difference between a successful digital presence and getting lost in the infinity of cyberspace. It adds credibility to your business, and inspires confidence in your potential consumers. If you put some effort into the domain name of your company, web users will be much more inclined to associate quality with your products and services. Not to mention it plays a great role in brand awareness and brand recall!


A domain name broker provides services to other companies to help them buy or sell domain names at a fair price their reflects their current market value. It should be noted that different domain names have different prices, and these prices can fluctuate depending on current market trends: some domain names will be more profitable than others. They can even help you find the right domain name for your company, and sometimes provide other digital marketing services.


Buying or selling domain names on your own can not only be a difficult task, but it is also very time consuming to search offers. Not to mention you might miss out on better opportunities that fly under your radar. This is also why many businesses choose to use domain broker services, so that they may concentrate on their main business activities while the broker helps them buy or sell a domain at a fair price.


There are many benefits to making use of the domain broker services of marketing agency. These companies have spent years developing their own network, and such, also have a much better chance at negotiating a fair price in your favor. Their knowledge of the market also helps them make the research phase go much more quickly than if you were to try it on your own, allowing you to save both time and money, and focus on other areas of your business.


Finding out how much your current domain is worth, or how much the domain you are looking for is worth, is also part of the services of a domain broker company. Otherwise known as “domain appraisal”, domain name companies make use of their connections and extensive knowledge of the market to give you pricing advice, and let you know what costs you can expect when buying a domain, or what profits if you sell.


As the name indicates, a domain name company acts as a brokerage firm. They work as a middleman between companies wishing to buy and sell domain names, and negotiate to help buyers avoid overpriced offers, and sellers make profits at a fair price. Their services cover the complete process of the domain transfer, including handling the necessary contracts, pricing advice, complete anonymity. They can also advise you if you need a new domain name!


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